NerdAssist Publishes the Customer Survey Results Revealing Key Issues Students Face

The customer survey published by NerdAssist revealed the most acute problems facing students

Online PR News – 26-April-2019 – East Hanover, NJ – The customer survey published by NerdAssist revealed the most acute problems facing students. And here they are:
Insufficient GPA
Overload with study-related tasks
High level of study stress
Lack of additional income
After getting the results and publishing the survey, it's easier to understand how the service can help to cope with these struggles.

Courtney Simmons, the representative of "The higher education system rather puts the education process itself at the forefront instead of its quality. Professors emphasize the form, not the content of the curriculum, and high grades become more important than knowledge. Moreover, programs do not take into account the heavy workload of students, who often have to seek for a job in order to pay for their education and living. For us, as a company aimed at making the world a better place, it is important to receive feedback from our customers to confirm that we set right goals. Thanks to NerdAssist, over 90% of clients can significantly reduce study stress and improve the average score."

The study was conducted in February, 2019 among 4,000 customers via e-mail and by phone. The questions were:
Have you seen any changes in your GPA during your cooperation with NerdAssist?
How NerdAssist impacted your life?
Have you ever experienced study-related stress and how did NerdAssist help or hurt you?
Have you ever considered getting a part-time job during your studies? If so, how did NerdAssist influenced your decision?

The survey results can be found on the main page at NerdAssist website.

About NerdAssist: NerdAssist is an academic assistance company. They provide help to students who struggle with their assignments. NerdAssist follows a strict honor code and does not accept orders that violate any laws, regulations, rules, statutes, ordinances, or that are illegal in any way. To learn more about the company, please visit