High Position SEO Strategies Boost Tile Company Profits

Colchester based SEO company High Position continue to meet the targets set by clients for front page listings of generic and competitive search terms. Latest figures see High Position SEO boost profits for Tileclick.co.uk.

Online PR News – 11-November-2009 – – The ever successful High Position SEO team continue to increase the profits of their clients by consistently achieving page 1 listings for competitive generic terms. The news that Tileclick.co.uk has seen a major boost in profits thanks to the Colchester based company has cemented High Position's reputation even further as a formidable player in the SEO industry.

Over the past year High Positions SEO strategies have increased turnover for Tileclick.co.uk by 52% through elevating the number of organic hits from 2,000 to 11,000 per month. Listings for the generic term ‘tiles’, which yields 26 million results, has a first page position and the potential to cash in on 74,000 searches per month. Jamie Bennett, a High Position SEO specialist explains, "Tileclick.co.uk requested 5 page one listings for highly competitive and generic terms, which we have delivered with success. The company have seen their conversions increase by 40%, giving them a very healthy return on investment."

The High Position team continue to demonstrate their SEO expertise achieving front page listings of competitive terms for businesses from a variety of industries - including high profile clients such as Sony. For more information about how High Position can increase the traffic to your website and increase profits through organic search, visit http://highposition.net or call 01206 544677.

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