Mr. Mohamad Damush participates at the UNCTAD's eCommerce Week in Geneva

Mr. Mohamad Damush, CEO of Telecel Group, attended the event UNCTAD's eCommerce Week, taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, from 1-5 April, 2019.

Online PR News – 23-April-2019 – Geneva, Switzerland – April, 2019 (Geneva, Switzerland) - Mr. Mohamad Damush, CEO of Telecel Group, attended the event UNCTAD's eCommerce Week, taking place in Geneva, Switzerland, from 1-5 April, 2019. Mr. Mohamad Damush was a participant at the "Monetizing Big Data in Africa" session, where he spoke about Telecel Group building data centers in the African Continent. He also shared some concerns and challenges they are facing.

UNCTAD's eCommerce Week is the leading forum for CEOs, Ministers, senior government officials, and other organizations to discuss development opportunities and challenges of Digitalization. This year's theme was "From Digitalization to Development", where the sessions discussed effective contribution of e-commerce towards sustainable development.

Mr. Mohamad Damush participated in the "Monetizing Big Data in Africa" session, which took place on April 4. The session explored current and future opportunities in Africa, and current developments in unleashing the potential of Data across Africa. Mr. Damush initiated his speech by explaining how most businesses in Africa store their data in Europe and US. He continued by clarifying that recently some companies started deployment of data centers, especially in South Africa, where the infrastructure is present. Yet, many countries require having a localized data center, but face the issue of the infrastructure.

He stated that Telecel Group picked a very challenging region to work in, which is Central Africa. They chose to work there as it has the lowest penetration rate in terms of connectivity in Africa. They found huge potential in that region, also in terms of location. It can connect east Africa to west African region. But for this, they need to build data centers along the way.

Telecel Group already started building data centers and infrastructures there, but are facing some challenges. Mr. Mohamad Damush stated the two main challenges are cost and regulatory issues. Cost issues because they are building everything from scratch. As for the regulatory issues, building industrial cables and crossing borders causes many parties to be involved.

Mr. Martin Labbe, Program Manager at UN International Trade Centre, went ahead to ask Mr. Mohamad Damush further questions about the obligation to localize data centers.

Mr. Mohamad Damush responded, "In CAR, building a data center is not justified economically, according to the figures today, we will not have a ROI in the next 20 years. However, the ROI will depend on the potential figures and not on the current figures. Because when you build infrastructure in the country itself, you are creating an opportunity for both the government and the private sector to develop the economy".

"For example, If I want to suggest to the Government of CAR to go for E-Gov, the main challenge is that they would require data centers. Once you have data centers in place, you are creating this potential for the government, private sectors, new businesses or startups. Therefore, the potential is huge. Also, many industries require data to be stored locally, such as government, banking, and insurance. Hence, localizing the data centers is necessary", explained Mr. Mohamad Damush, CEO of Telecel Group.

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