Grabox, Australian in-car convenience store, launching soon in New Delhi

Australian Start-up Company for in-car convenience stores, Grabox, is all set to enter India.

Online PR News – 23-April-2019 – New Delhi – Delhi

• Australian Start-up Company Grabox is all set to enter India.
• More than 300 ride share vehicles in 6 states of Australia are already Grabox-equipped and more than ,000 drivers have expressed interest, waiting for the box to be installed.
• Rideshare drivers and riders in Australia who started using the service have loved this new concept.
• Drivers are earning through commissions, referrals and bonuses by selling the snacks, mints, nut bars and much more.

Grabox, an Australian start-up company, launched its services this year in February to create more convenience for the ride share community by enabling ride share drivers to sell mints, Skittles, Coca Cola etc. for sales commission in return. Ride share customers across Australia are excited about this new service. When asked, a few of the riders they said it is a much-needed service as now they don't have to look for a store on the way "to grab something eat when hunger strikes" during long rides to work.

Many popular brands like Mars Wrigley Confectionery, Coca-cola Amatil, and Hero condoms are leveraging this new platform to reach their new set of customers - riders on the go. It not only gives them an opportunity to digitally advertise their products but also gives them direct market access for product trials, sampling etc. The company is making a huge difference in the lives of ride share drivers, as it helps them earn additionally while also getting better ratings from their riders. Moreover, the drivers often get several other opportunities of earning extra income as the company keeps on running weekly contests to reward the loyal and hardworking drivers. In Australia it is already creating a win-win situation for one and all, starting from riders to drivers and even brands. The system is free for drivers and they don't have to pay anything out of their pocket for the box or for the products kept inside it.

Drivers with a rating of 4.7 or above who drive more than 30 hours a week are eligible to join Grabox.

While there are no official figures on exactly how much the drivers can earn, the company estimates it to be around $100 to $200 per month.
Regarding, its launch in India, the company officials have confirmed that the launch can be expected by mid-2019. They further added that they are working on a new and special design for Indian ride share cars. It has also been highlighted that the company will be devising a brand new strategy to keep the Indian drivers engaged and at a beneficial level by getting more out of each ride with Grabox.

Grabox team is excited for its launch in India; the country would be a key market the company, owing to its vast population, number of daily riders and the active ride share driving community. The pre-launch survey has also brought forward interesting insights about the Indian market with almost all of the surveyed people expressing positive sentiments towards the concept.

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