Autologica DMS April update - New Fill Rate report

Autologica S.A. announced the April update to their dealer management system, which includes features to improve operations at the dealership.

Online PR News – 18-April-2019 – Rosario, Santa Fe (Argentina) – April 17, 2019 - Autologica S.A., a specialist in dealer management systems (DMS) for the automotive industry, announced the April update to their dealer management system, which includes features designed to improve operations at the dealership and respond to industry needs.

Payment authorizations
Autologica now has a payment authorization process, through which payments can be made below a certain amount without intervention, while higher payments generate a request for authorization that requires approval. When generating an authorization request, an email is sent to the person in charge to expedite the operation. You can also set different authorization levels.

Vehicle returns to workshop
Autologica lets the Service Manager identify and manage vehicles that have reentered the workshop for rework. The dealership can establish criteria so that the DMS automatically identifies rework, for example when a vehicle returns before X days after its last service, so that when a new OR is opened for that same vehicle the Service Manager is alerted.

This functionality allows improving customer service and helps dealers take improvement actions by analyzing  the reasons for the rework, such as defective parts, labor errors, etc.

When a workshop has a considerable volume of work per day, this automated function helps to quickly identify where the dealership can improve productivity. 

Importers: Modifications to the definition of Importation Items
When defining importation costs, these can be defined as originating abroad or locally.

This is of vital importance when calculating the landed cost; if it is an expense abroad, it should be considered as part of the cost of the product that is being imported and not as part of the expenses incurred for the purpose of nationalizing the merchandise.

Improvements to Interbanking interface 
Improvements were made to the interface developed to connect the Interbanking payment platform with Autologica DMS. This interface allows the automation of payments and collections to and from accounts in different banks. Changes were made to several vendor reports to achieve greater control.

Integration of Tracker CRM with JDQuote
Autologica's web-based Tracker CRM can connect to the John Deere JDQuote system by sending and receiving opportunities and contacts to create proposals in JDQuote, and then receive updates.

New Transactions report (exportable to Excel)
This new report helps management control and analyze current account transactions of customers and suppliers.

About Autologica

Autologica is a world leader in providing innovative software to automobile, truck, and agricultural and construction machinery dealers. The company's flagship product, Autologica Sky DMS, is a cloud-based dealer management system that manages all departments in a dealership. Autologica also provides web-based tools such as Tracker CRM, ClientConnect (mobile app for dealers to share with their customers), Appoint365 (workshop scheduling), and Awake (continuous monitoring and auditing to detect potential fraud events and money leaks).

Hundreds of dealers representing more than 60 brands in over 20 countries use Autologica software.



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