Spero Renewables Announces Relocation to New Headquarters to Accommodate Growth

Spero Renewables Moves to New Facility to Accommodate Growth

Online PR News – 11-April-2019 – Goleta, California – Spero Renewables, LLC, a green chemistry company, today announced that it has moved into a new headquarters in Goleta, California. The facility is a ,700 square foot space, with offices and extensive chemistry labs, is located in a technology park less than miles from the University of California, Santa Barbara campus.

Commenting on the move, founder Mahdi Abu-Omar, Ph.D. stated, "Spero is excited to make the move from its old, smaller location, 60 miles south of here, and join the UCSB ecosystem. The proximity to UCSB will also help the company recruit the talent needed to support our future development efforts to take the company to the next level. Additionally, the new space had full chemistry labs already in place, saving us money and months of time as compared to building out our own labs."

"The company has hit several other important milestones recently, including the closing of its first outside investment round and the receipt of a $1.6 million grant from the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (US Department of Energy) to scale up its SPERLU™ conversion of plant-based feedstock into polymers and plastics," continued Mahdi Abu-Omar. "I am very proud of what the team at Spero has accomplished and excited about the prospects for the company to help create a greener future."

About Spero Renewables, LLC
Spero Renewables is a green chemistry company that develops technologies for plant-based alternatives to products manufactured with petrochemicals. The company utilizes its proprietary technology to unlock the resources of readily available biomass for making natural and environmentally friendly products. For more information, please visit sperorenewables.com.

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