#IinBackup: an project on the crowdfunding platform is gathering a team for a flight into space.

Everyone can become a member of a new digital interplanetary civilization. For this, it is enough to support the project and reserve the space on the spacecraft

Online PR News – 09-April-2019 – Moscow – Today the associated launch of small spacecrafts has ceased to be a matter only of states and large corporations. At present such a launch is not a problem technologically and organizationally, and its cost only decreases over time.
The international group of digital enthusiasts #IinBackup decided to launch a spacecraft with digital copies of earthlings into space and create an interplanetary digital civilization.
Each person will be able to create his own digital copy (backup) with a new mobile application. This application will perform in-depth interviews on a variety of important topics. You can answer with "YES" or "NO" buttons, type a detailed answer on the keyboard or simply answer with a voice. When there is enough data, you can talk with a digital copy.
For example, if you ask the backup of great persons: "What do they think about happiness?", they would answer:
Marcus Aurelius - "No man is happy until he considers himself happy";
I. Goethe - "He alone is great and happy who requires neither to command nor to obey in order to secure his being of some importance in the world";
A. Lincoln - "Most people are as happy as they consider themselves to be happy";
M. Cervantes - "He who does not know how to enjoy happiness when it comes, must not complain when it passes."

In #IinBackup project everyone can find their goal:
- to save something important for yourself and give it to your descendants,
- to keep the wisdom of parents and be able to seek advice in the future,
- to get the opportunity to tell people about what you like and knowthrough your backup,
- to get the opportunity to communicate with a person who is unavailable,
- to get hope that in the future the technologies will reach such a level that they can load your backup and recreate your personality,
- and even dream that extraterrestrial civilizations will discover a spacecraft with a backup of people and with the help of their technologies will create a new civilization of earthlings.

The work on the creation of a mobile application is planned to be completed in 4 months. The project is available for the whole world on the crowdfunding platform Boomstarter.ru.