Arizona Neuropsychologist Wins 3 Awards for Debut Novel

The Deepest Cut is a multi award winning 5 star coming of age survival adventure set in the future.

Online PR News – 05-April-2019 – Phoenix AZ USA April 4, 2019 – Arizona Author and Neuropsychologist DG Lamb's The Deepest Cut (Driven to the Hilt Book 1) has already been named Best Science Fiction 2018 release in the Teen category by the International Literary Classics Awards and the Outstanding Science Fiction Winner 2018 by The Independent Author Network. This week the book was also awarded the Bronze medal for the overall Teen category of another International contest, The Wishing Shelf Awards, of the United Kingdom.

The Deepest Cut follows a young protagonist, Joshua, who finds himself trapped outside his mining colony on the planet of Cypress Grove. He faces a dark rainforest infested with a creature so deadly it has kept all humans confined inside their only settlement for decades. He must either survive in the forest or return to negotiate the even darker dangers of the colony's criminal underworld.

DG Lamb creates a dynamic world full of new challenges and lessons for an endearing young hero. Lamb's extensive experience as a Clinical Neuropsychologist and his understanding of posttraumatic stress symptoms injects psychological authenticity and complexity into Joshua and a host of other engaging characters.

The author's day job involves helping people to become more independent after some type of neurological injury, utilizing his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology and Master's in Art Therapy. He has also worked with law enforcement officers to deal with PTSD after critical incidents. Although his professional experiences certainly informed aspects of this story, he also drew upon his love of cooking and backpacking the mountain trails of Arizona (where unlike Cypress Grove, it rarely rains).

Dr. Lamb decided to write the series while recovering from prostate cancer surgery when his son encouraged him to write down a story born while they trekked the hot, dusty trails in the Arizona mountains. When backpacking with his son's Boy Scout troop, he was trying to distract himself from the discomfort in his knees when he began to think about what a human version of Pavlov's famous behavior modification box might be like. The result of that train of thought comes together as "The Womb" in Book 2 of the series - Forging the Blade. From there he began to formulate what kind of world or story would surround the creation of such a room, and from that began the entire series of Driven to the Hilt.

The third book in the series, Tempered Steel, was just released in November 2018. Lamb plans a series of 5 books to complete the story. He is scheduled to release the fourth in the series this fall.

The book series is already getting excellent reviews, earning all 5 stars from the prestigious Readers' Favorites reviewers with one (R Oserio) calling it
"…a debut novel that brilliantly introduces a series with huge promise of entertainment."

Reviewer Scott Cahan calls it
"…one of the most original and well-told stories I've ever read" and rated it at #2 in his top 10 favorite reads of the year.

About Lamb's writing critics say
"Author DG Lamb navigates Joshua's trauma with a sense of surrealism that's both poignant and true to life." (CLFarley)
and "DG Lamb's scenes are masterfully written." (R Dezemo)

Blogger Lara Storm Hitchcock says
"I love the way this story feels like something that's never quite been done before." She also featured it twice in her "Writing Lessons From…" blog series.

Online reviewers also give it high praise - with 4.9 out of 5 stars overall calling it "creative", "captivating", "unique", "vivid", "engaging", and stating repeatedly that they can't wait for the next part of the story.

Literary Classics awarded the book a gold medal and describes it as -
"A serious sci-fi read with grit and substance, this book offers so much more than it would first appear…a wildly thrilling page-turner that will keep readers in suspense clear to the last page and beyond."

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Books by D G Lamb:

THE DEEPEST CUT (DRIVEN TO THE HILT Book 1): by DG Lamb, published by Calyse Publishing, November 1, 2017, ISBN 978-0999327500, Paperback and Ebook

FORGING THE BLADE (DRIVEN TO THE HILT Book 2): by DG Lamb, published by Calyse Publishing, JUNE 16, 2018, ISBN 9780999327531, Paperback and Ebook available

TEMPERED STEEL (DRIVEN TO THE HILT Book 3): by DG Lamb, published by Calyse Publishing, NOVEMBER 1, 2018, ISBN 9780999327562, Paperback and Ebook available.

SUFFER TO SING THE BLUES (A Philosophical Reflection on Living with Traumatic Brain Injury): by Jeff Smith in collaboration with David G. Lamb Ph.D., Lulu Publishing, 2018, ISBN 9781483485881