Co-Branded Card Company Launches Rewards Scheme That Gives Money Back to Customers

Rewards scheme for cobranded cards outweighs the benefits presented by the competition.

Online PR News – 04-April-2019 – TAMPERE, Finland, April 4 – Prepaid cards have been the key attribute towards market domination! propelled into existence its nascent rewards and incentives programme that serves to repay a fraction of the customers' money. Although a much hackneyed service by neoteric companies that rolls across hundreds of eyes everyday, CNS GmbH also offers to return a small percentage of the interest paid on a loan.
"The number one benefit of the incentives and rewards program is the fact that members will be able to get a partial refund on the interest that they've paid," said CNS GmbH branch manager Eva Lund.
The rewards scheme has been constructed with the perspective of enhancing the retention of money in customers' wallets, thereby enhancing their quality of life. The programme also features reimbursements on fee incurred when out-of-network ATMs are used. We also dispense free money orders, and since prepaid cards do not allow the expenditure to surpass a certain limit, the idea of overdraft fees in non-existential.
The consumer credit score is based on information provided by consumer credit reporting agencies, and is easily accessible through online banking software and mobile application. The credit scores are used by businesses to make lending decisions, and to help determine rates consumers pay on purchases.
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CNS GmbH plumes itself in a feeling of pride for huddling together some of the finest business planners, financial analysts and policy designers for the purpose of purveying co-branded cards to its customers. CNS GmbH offers its potential customers a chance to evict themselves from the world of wearisome banking. Their co-branded cards allow business owners to earn a commission from all purchases that their clients do through the card. Please visit for more information.

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