Hodusoft Announce Call Center Software for Small Industries

Hodusoft addresses needs of small industries and has come up with affordable, feature-rich easy to use call center software to power up their communication.

Online PR News – 02-April-2019 – Texas – Hodusoft, a reputed name in packaged VoIP based communication solutions and a division of AI tech leader Ecosmob, announced call center software targeted at small industries and businesses worldwide.

"Hodusoft's call center software leverages the power of WebRTC to provide scalable, easy to use and affordable solutions. It also reduces dependence on specialized IT infrastructure and hardware since all that is needed is a smartphone and/or desktop with a suitable webcam, headset and microphone. Small enterprises shy away from any IT technology that needs investment in infrastructure and human resources to manage it. Hodusoft's hosted call center software does away with that part and lowers entry barriers for small industries and individuals to benefit from its many features," explained the company's VP.

Hodusoft's packaged call center solution has all the features of inbound call center software such as skill based mapping, automatic call distribution, predictive dialing and recording as well as analytics. These are important features but the more important and relevant part is that Hodusoft has integrated omnichannel and social media features in it to ease communication pains, save time and effort and get more work done efficiently. The result is customer satisfaction and speedy responses to query and complaint. WebRTC permits easy audio and video chats, conference calls and also presentations to take communications and collaborations to higher levels. Another important feature is mobility. For example, an executive may use the system in-house and then, when is away from office, his mobile device can be used as an extension with access to call records and customer data in backend CRM.  

Ease of use and management are of paramount importance for small business environments. Hodusoft's call center software for small industries is intuitive, has a centralized dashboard, security features and a short-learning curve. Besides, Hodusoft engineers are always available for assistance at any time.

Another worry of small industries is about maintenance and upgrades. Hodusoft has addressed these concerns. Entrepreneurs can get right down to using the package and never worry about support. Hodusoft periodically upgrades its solutions.

How does a user benefit? That is the main question. Small enterprises can use the contact center software as a conferencing and chatting tool. It can be put to use to route incoming calls to the right person. It is the platform for accessing multi-channel communications across SMS, chat, social media and email in addition to voice. Users get the corporate level communication experience and project a better brand image due to faster and satisfactory responses.

"One can say it is the Cadillac of communications minus the costs," said the VP in conclusion.

Hodusoft welcomes small industries and entrepreneurs to migrate to its CC software and welcomes inquiries via live chat on http://www.hodusoft.com or by phone on 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638.

Source: https://www.prlog.org/12762295-hodusoft-announce-call-center-software-for-small-industries.html