10 Best Laundry Tips From Creaseart - Laundry App Launching Soon

If you are busy, domestic chores are a headache, especially when you have more important things to do. Here are the best laundry tips for busy people.

Online PR News – 03-April-2019 – Gurgaon – If you are busy, domestic chores are a headache, especially when you have more important things to do. You say to yourself "I will do it tomorrow". Tomorrow probably will not work for you either. Before you know it one-week passes and you have not done any of your housework. His floors look dusty and his pile of clothes is now a mountain surrounded by clouds. You could probably use some tips for a more efficient washing routine, right? Well, we cover you.

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Here are 10 tips from Creaseart so that you can become a laundry professional!

1. Create a system for the wash basket
To classify dirty laundry, it is best to purchase a pair of laundry baskets. One for whites, one for dark ones, and one for pastries. With this system, you sort by colors. You can also sort by clothing types. Fill each basket with pants, sweaters, socks, etc. After washing and drying you will have your clean clothes sorted, ready to be folded and stored.

Do you live alone? So it is more efficient not to order at all. You probably will not be able to completely fill each basket/load with your clothes. Just wash everything together! Wash your new clothes (especially dark ones) separately the first time to prevent color bleeding in the future.

2. Apply the gold wash rule
Do you have to get down on your hands and knees looking for socks and picking shirts in the bedrooms before each wash? Give each child their own laundry basket, and maybe even your husband (or wife!). Present the rule of gold washing: only the garments that are in the baskets are washed!

3. Clean your washing machine
The washing machine itself needs to be cleaned from time to time. Doing this is not only good for the durability of the machine, but also for consistently impeccable washing loads. Vinegar is an excellent cleaning solution for your washing machine.

4. A towel in the dryer
You waited too long to wash a pair of pants you want to wear right now. But you're stuck waiting for the drying cycle to end. Sounds familiar? Add a soft, dry towel to the drying load. Your clothes will dry much faster!

5. Use your dryer like an iron
Do you hate ironing? Stupid question. Of course yes. Add your clothes to the dryer for 10 minutes, remove it and hang hot and wet pants or shirts to air dry. You will not need to iron them anymore! Sadly, this trick does not work for buttoned shirts (cue the violin).

6. Hang directly
Remove wet clothes from the washing machine directly after the cycle ends. By leaving your clothes wet in the drum, it gives the bacteria the opportunity to play freely and their load can start to smell. You should also fold the clothes directly from the dryer to prevent wrinkles. You will notice that your iron will not be used as much.

7. Add the socks in a smaller wash bag

You run your wash cycle and notice that fewer socks came out than you put on. The sock mystery is a problem that most people have tried at least once. Where in the world is that other sock? Sometimes they hide in pants or sheets. Other times they eat their washing machine. The solution: wash them in a small mesh laundry bag like the one below.

8. Make a list of items to test the dryer

Letting your partner or children take care of the laundry saves you a lot of time and energy. You are not at home 100% of the time. To make sure you do this without worrying you can leave the washing instructions in the washing machine and a list of dryer-proof clothes in the dryer. Items that are not on the list should be hung to air dry.

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