A new technology developed by a team of Indian scientists at The Phi Factory reduces
the weight of corrugated boxes by 21% at 9% reduced costs than usual

Online PR News – 28-March-2019 – Hyderabad 27th March 2019 – The Hyderabad based Technology startUp 'The Phi Factory' announces the launch of its first commercial product, G-FP, to reduce the weight of a corrugated box without any loss in the mechanical properties. This is made possible by replacing 30% of the raw wood fibres with the company's proprietary synthetic crosslinking composite material G-FP, during the formation of Kraft paper. Thus, The Phi Factory is not only achieving a reduction in the weight of corrugated boxes, but also contributing towards environmental sustainability as aimed through the UN sustainability development goals.

Corrugated boxes, commonly termed as carton boxes, are most widely used in secondary packaging. FMCG industries, Exports, Logistics, cargo / online shopping, retail firms are few of the sectors that perennially consume huge quantities of corrugated packaging material.

"We have achieved a unique feat by reducing weight of a corrugated box by upto 21% by replacing ~30% of fibres with our G-FP" says Praveen Kumar Gorakavi who led a group of scientists at The Phi Factory in the discovery of G-FP composite. "This reduction in weight offers a very significant scope for savings on cargo expenditures of our client company," he adds.

The Phi Factory has already secured a production capacity of 25 KT pa through third party manufacturing agreements signed across with 3 paper mills and 18 Corrugation facilities in South India. G-FP is a composite material with its core component, that accounts to nearly 65% of its total weight, produced by chemically treating agriculture residues collected from Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Orissa. The company plans to enlist more number of paper mills and corrugation facilities as its official partners for enhancing its annual supply capabilities.

"We are currently approaching various companies & industries, explaining the positive impacts in using G-FP, which is an environmentally sustainable packaging option while reducing the cargo expenditures significantly" Praveen Gorakavi states.

Company's Profile : The Phi Factory is the operating trade name of Gorakavi Innovations Pvt Ltd, a company incorporated on 22nd October 2018. Originally a technology consultation firm, but undertaking production and supply of GFP through third-party contract manufacturing facilities.

Praveen Kumar Gorakavi is a multi award winning Scientist / Inventor from Hyderabad. Praveen is well recognised as a polymath and former child prodigy for his works in various fields of science and engineering since childhood. Praveen holds a track record of commercialising over 28 technologies in coordination with various companies, including few of the Fortune 500s.

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