HWisel Soft Inc. Expands Its 'Smart Home As A Service' Capabilities!

You no longer need AI for your home service needs. The SmartThings Button allows you to control your devices with a simple tap.

Online PR News – 23-March-2019 – Toronto – Marketing
HWisel Soft Inc.


Toronto, Ontario: At HWisel, our mission is to make appliance repair an enjoyable process. Our special technology-driven approach ensures that all your home appliances are repaired on a regular and timely basis. Our on-demand appliance repair services are available on a range of devices at a simple touch.

"As a SmartThings Developer Partner and Retailer; HWisel is extending its Smart Home as a Service (SHaaS) capabilities to further enhance the interaction between a Smart Home and house appliances', affirmed Mr. John Nassar, President of HWisel Soft Inc.

If you want a home that is truly smart, it needs to make your life easier by doing all the technical stuff for you such as automatically booking home services. You don't need a smart device to tell you there is a problem in your home. But, a smart home solution that monitors and takes necessary action is ideal.

The SmartThings HWisel Appliance Monitoring Kit has everything that is available in the SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit plus the SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor, Motion Sensor, and Water Leak Sensor all allow you to monitor your home and trigger different actions. The SmartThings Smart Outlet can be used to turn traditional devices into smart devices, and the SmartThings Button allows you to control your devices with a simple tap.

The SmartThings HWisel Appliance Monitoring Kit is available on monthly subscription of $21.99 or one-time payment of $535.99. For more information on SmartThings visit SmartThings HWisel Appliance Monitoring Kit.

You no longer need Artificial Intelligence (AI) for your home service needs, simply contact HWisel. Integrate your smart home devices with our technology so that you don't have to wait around to get your appliances repaired. HWisel SHaaS services are available today for Nest Smart Thermostat and Protect.

About HWisel: At HWisel, we put in maximum efforts to make service simple for you and your home appliances. We are committed to providing our customers with superior quality service, maintenance, and advice for your home appliances. We have proficient and experienced local technicians that can help analyze and solve all your appliance problems. Our multiple on-demand appliance repair service options guarantee that your home comfort requirements are fulfilled at your convenience. To know more about what we do and to receive regular updates, visit hwisel.com. The HWisel App is available on the Google Play store as well as the iOS App Store for all types of smartphone users.