Haywood & Associates, Inc. Earns Rave Reviews

Haywood & Associates, Inc. is an industry leading consumer and collection agency with offices in both Tarzana California and Parker Arizona.

Online PR News – 22-March-2019 – Parker, Arizona – Haywood & Associates, Inc., an industry leader in consumer and commercial debt collection has earned top awards for collection speed,recovery rate, customer support and ease of use. Leading Consumer Business reports rank them favorably.

A recent survey was conducted on small to mid sized business owners, accounts receivable managers, and office managers throughout the country who have used collection agencies in the past 12 months and Haywood & Associates earned high marks in the areas related to collection speed, recovery rate, customer support, and ease of use. Haywood & Associates ranked in the 90th percentile in recovery rate on accounts placed with their agency with an age variance of 6 months to 12 months and over 12 months outstanding for the third consecutive year.

Haywood & Associates is a mid sized asset recovery firm with locations in both Tarzana California and Parker Arizona. The company recently unveiled their acclaimed "24/7 status update" service feature. A service which was credited for earning the firm high marks in the customer support fields.

Business owners from over 40 different industries participated in the national survey and each were given questions related to debt collection services and asset recovery agencies.

Participants were first vetted to ensure they qualified to participate in the annual questionnaire. Each participant was required to have used a collection agency within the last 12 months and previously placed an account for collections with at least two collection agencies within the last 5 years. They were asked 40 questions about the companies they have used and the level of service they felt they received and Haywood & Associates received rave reviews.

Some of the highlights of the survey related to Haywood & Associates include:

Business owners selected Haywood & Associates as their preferred collection agency 4 out of 5 times.

Small Business owners were 5 times as likely to place an account with Haywood & Associates in the next 18 months versus other agencies they have used in the past five years.

Accounts Receivable Managers who have placed accounts for collections with Haywood & associates saw a decrease in outstanding accounts in their aging reports of at least 67%.

9 out of 10 small business owners were likely to recommend Haywood & Associates to other businesses within the next 18 months.

For more information on Haywood & Associates and its award winning services, please visit them on the web at https://haywoodassociates.net/