Jammers4u Launches Drone Hunter, Powerful Handheld Anti-drone

Jammers4u launches new most powerful 32W Portable Handheld Direction Antenna Drone UAV Jammer in the Market, With portability and power in mind

Online PR News – 21-March-2019 – Taipei – Taipei, Taiwan., March 21, 2019 -- Jammers4u launches new most powerful 32W Portable Handheld Direction Antenna Drone UAV Jammer in the Market, With portability and power in mind Jammers4u has developed new series of light, handheld devices with power of much bigger units. This drone hunter has directional antenna panel that aims power delivery directly towards the drone or other remote operated vehicle thus improving the effective range. This also is important for urban environments where users do not want to interfere with other devices in homes and offices. By directing antenna towards the treat you influence only that narrow area with concentrated jamming power beam. 8-10W modules that deliver power in directed manner make this unit very powerful solution at a portable unit cost.

CT-4001P 32W is the new solution in portable jammer market that packs 32W of total power in a such small package. 2x10W@2.4GHz, 10W@GPS, 2W@5GHz, give this portable unit a powerful punch even at distances of 800m. This is very important if one want to prevent a possible attack, user need to stop the drone or remote operated vehicle before they enter the zone of their effective range. Other than visual surveillance, drones can carry a weapon, biological or chemical agents that can be used even at public meetings and events against people or some VIP.

This is the reason that Jammers4u have implemented GO HOME option in this model of jammer. GO HOME option gives you an extra measure of security in such events because, when activated, it will affect the drone to go to its starting location. This option works with all GPS equipped drones, due to implemented traffic safety standards in drones that is exploited with this option. GO HOME is activated when drone is spotted and jammed, as with any regular jammer. Drone will hoover and start to land, at that moment, when user activate GO HOME button, drone overrides landing procedure, and following only GPS route goes back to starting point. This removes a potential threat to the VIP or public, displaces the danger, and gives the security forces a visual trace to the drone operator location where he can be comprehended, or forensic data collected.

Re-chargable battery that comes with the jammer will provide 80min jammer operation time, which is good for more then 20 average uses before it needs recharge. Using the device is simple and no technical knowledge is required for serviceman to be able to operate it. When drone is spotted, it is a matter of turning the jammer on and pointing a hand held antenna towards the drone until it lands and jammer user pick it up. It is as simple as that. Jammer operation demonstration can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1TT-qURFpo CT-4001P 32W is best suited for military special operations teams, police, security forces that are deployed in different situations. It is perfect for securing public events where you need mobility without compromise in power or function. Web page : http://jammers4u.com/drones-jammer/ct-4001p-portable-anti-drone-32w-2.4ghz-gps-5.8ghz-jammer-directional-antenna

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