Ecosmob Announce Blockchain Development Services

Ecosmob, with its background in ML, AI and IoT is perfectly positioned to offer blockchain development services across a broad spectrum of business applications

Online PR News – 20-March-2019 – Arlington, TX – Ecosmob announced availability of blockchain development services for business and government sectors. A leader in innovative and practical IoT, AI and ML implementations, Ecosmob is emerging as a blockchain development company focused on business applications.

Speaking on the occasion, the VP said, "Blockchain technology is gaining traction in business and institutional usage. We are here to serve the established finance sector and industry by leading the digital revolution with our blockchain development services. While it takes time for established enterprises to move away from legacy to blockchain technologies, this platform is perfect for startups since no such transition is involved.

Ecosmob offers customized blockchain development for business processes such as asset management and trade process. Blockchain ledger permits peer to peer transaction, weeds out the third party intermediary and assures confidentiality as well as security. Whether it is contracts or cross-border payments, Ecosmob has capabilities to custom develop blockchain solutions for fast money remittance inherently safeguarded from frauds and with the additional benefit of reduced transaction fees. "Ecosmob can help businesses create new value unmatched by existing technologies."

Ecosmob can help realtors take their business to an entirely new level and internationalize operations with their blockchain development for smart property management. Smart keys in blockchain ledgers help storage of all transactional details in a secure way and permit access only to authorized parties. From financing to asset management and records storage, Ecosmob blockchain solutions can handle everything. International property transactions gain in speed and security as well as scope that legacy processes simply cannot address.

Another area that benefits by blockchain technologies is IoT. IoT usage is expected to be in billions by 2020 but the diversity and inherent security loopholes restrict wider spread. Ecosmob recommends blockchain technology incorporation in order to assure highest levels of security, especially in supply chain sensors.

The media industry is another segment Ecosmob targets with its Blockchain Development Solutions. Ecosmob blockchain DRM implementation assure total security, digital ownership rights and royalty through decentralized database rights. As an aside, one can say that paying artistes with digital currency, wherever they are located, becomes easier and so does the smart contract aspect.

If security is important in media industry, it is even more so in the healthcare segment, another area where Ecosmob blockchain services can assure higher security and confidentiality of patient records in addition to healthcare management.

Governance is another key area where Ecosmob blockchain services can provide transformation in terms of confidentiality of data concerning millions of individuals. Ecosmob can put in place a complete blockchain identity solution that will revolutionize passports, birth and death certificates and personal identification processes.

Ecosmob brings value to business through its blockchain technologies further enhanced by its sophisticated expertise in AI, ML and IoT implementations. "The future is here," said the VP, "and Ecosmob, as always, spearheads it."

Ecosmob welcomes inquiries on how to make blockchain technology a part of your business operations or to implement it right from the start. They may be contacted by phone on 91 79 40054019, 1-303-997-3139 or live chat on website