Trepr launched a one stop solution for travel economy sharing

Trepr launched a one stop solution for travel economy sharing.

Online PR News – 13-March-2019 – Orlando, United States – Trepr has launched a new web-based platform in 2019 with a strategic plan to bring travelers for a peer to peer economy sharing and service while traveling over flights. The platform is currently live and receiving a good amount of traffic from different counties around the globe.

At the beginning of 2015, the company announced the development and launching of the platform for all the counties. The platform is providing services like travel companionship, package delivery, and product procurement. According to an online survey, Trepr is the only platform that provides a solution for all the benefits and economy sharing services that come with air travel.

"With the rapidly changing travel related services, is the only one which provides a proper and systematic web-based platform which can be accessed by any individual in any place," said the company CEO on their media platforms. "Our team is working very hard to provide a hassle-free and reliable system that can be trusted by the users"

Recently, the company carried out a survey before launching their platform. In that survey the company reviewed the travel service providing platforms around the world. The company on their social media platform announced the platform and reviled that it combines all the services under one roof. The company also accounted that the platform proves a chance to win free air tickets for the travelers newly registering on the platform.

The company has said that they are excited toward the platform will be adding more services to the platform that already provide much more than other platforms. Also, they gave a hint that they are also planning for the mobile app platforms around next year. This will surely increase the accessibility of the platform. It will be very exciting to see when they are going to announce that as well.

With already existing platforms, Trepr is taking off to compete and provide better travel beneficial services to travelers around the world.

About Trepr

Founded in August of 2015 and based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, Trepr (Trip Representative) is the first ONLINE DEPUTATION SYSTEM and a trusted community marketplace for people to list, discover and substitute another person for their travel needs around the world.

Almost every person has his/her local or international travel plans either occasionally or frequently. Trepr connects people all over the world to exchange their travel plan and invoke travel services such as people, package, and project, safely, cheaply and promptly respectively anywhere in the world by substituting a traveler and pay for each service through Trepr.

Trepr also provides world-class customer service, and a growing community of users, Trepr is the easiest way for people to monetize during their personal travel by showcasing their travel plans to the audience of billions.