Royston Carr Asset Management Comments as May Fails to Gain Concessions from EU

Royston Carr Asset Management - Brexit negotiations stall as EU refuses to grant further concessions.

Online PR News – 13-March-2019 – Taipei, Taiwan – British Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit strategy hit another stumbling block when she failed to gain concessions from the European Union at the eleventh hour. Analysts at Royston Carr Asset Management said this inability to successfully negotiate with the European Union would likely set May up for another embarrassing defeat in a parliamentary vote this week.

The UK is due to exit the European Union in little over two weeks and there is still no confirmed separation deal. Negotiations between the UK and the EU seem to have reach a stalemate and May is desperately trying to find some room to maneuver.

This week will see another meaningful vote in parliament but European negotiators have stated that there has been no further progress in negotiations that were held over the weekend and analysts at Royston Carr Asset Management say it is unlikely that this will be the last meaningful vote.

The EU has remained adamant that it will not grant any further concessions and EU officials have expressed their frustration with May's attempts to negotiate on this point.

Royston Carr Asset Management analysts say that with the current deadlock in negotiations it is unlikely that an extension will do much to improve the matter but at this point, unless a last minute deal can be agreed upon, Brexit will probably be delayed.

British policymakers have refused to accept May's proposed Brexit deal on the grounds that the UK would still be beholden to EU rules and regulations for an indefinite period of time.

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