Hodusoft Introduce Contact Center Software with Video Calling Features

Hodusoft launched a video-centric contact center software to address current trends and transform contact center operations.

Online PR News – 01-March-2019 – Texas – Hodusoft, a unit of global VoIP tech leaders Ecosmob, introduced contact center software with video calling features. Speaking on the occasion, the company's VP said, "Hodusoft builds on its superior omnichannel contact center software by making it more video-centric since it is customer experience that is now in forefront of contact center operations. This is in line with current trends where video chats have become commonplace and customers would certainly like it better to have a sort of "face to face" talk with an agent instead of a disembodied voice. The customer experience factor substantially improves when it is a video chat instead of an audio chat."

There is more to the video powered contact center software from Hodusoft as he went on to elaborate. Our engineers, he said, have integrated WebRTC and SVC in a finely granular way to make it easy for agents to switch over to video chat from any channel through a single dashboard. At the same time, callers with just a smartphone and browser can initiate video chats. Further, it is possible to engage in video conference such as when a supervisor or technical personnel must be roped in to explain in detail. Presentations can be made during the conference call and a video within video can be displayed. For example, if a caller raises an issue about a product, this platform delivers fast resolution and higher level of customer satisfaction.

Hodusoft revamped their contact center solution to make contact center operations free of IP phones, which means agents in the office or outside can make use of their smartphones ported to the software, or make use of desktop with video camera, headset and microphone accessories. Video chat becomes easy and research has shown that there is an emotional factor of gesture and facial expressions as well as body language that moves the conversation to a satisfactory conclusion. Agents can recognize body language. Callers are happy to know that there is a face to the person they are talking with and build a connection. "We would have implemented video a long time back were it not for technology and infrastructure constraints. Happily, these have improved and we are now looking at 5G that should make video chats in contact center operations a commonplace matter.

Video is not without its issues such as protocols and bandwidth, lags and delays in audio-video sync but our engineers have beautifully implemented codecs to make video chat a smooth experience regardless of internet speeds and this is what sets us apart from others.

As in any other implementation, Hodusoft provides full support, training and maintenance for its on-premise and hosted offerings. Hodusoft involvement roots out anomalies, trains agents in better use of video and leads to better performance metrics, claimed the VP. "We are now looking at AR and VR in contact center solutions in the future," he said in conclusion.

Contact centers interested in implementing contact center software with video may get in touch with Hodusoft by phone on 1-707-708-4638 or 91 79 48939393 or just initiate chat on http://www.hodusoft.com.

Source: https://www.prlog.org/12756762-hodusoft-introduce-contact-center-software-with-video-calling-features.html