Halmari Assam Tea to Be Unveiled at the Event 'Tea with Jeanie Goddard'

Halmari's Assam Tea is going to be unveiled at the event 'Tea with Jeanie', with Jeanie Goddard hosting it. It is expected to enhance their reputation globally.

Online PR News – 20-February-2019 – Kolkata, West Bengal, India – Halmari Assam Tea, a luxury assortment of tea variants produced and processed by Halmari, is going to be unveiled at 'Tea with Jeanie'. The event will have Jeanie Goddard, a legendary retired English teacher from WHS as the host.

At this event, Jeanie will be seen offering guests a tea-tasting experience with Halmari Assam tea. This event is planned to take place on 10th March 2019 at the Wellesley Community Centre. The timing has been decided to be between 3 pm and 5 pm.

In the context of this event, the CEO exclaimed, "A public figure like Jeanie Goddard unveiling tea from our brand is indeed a big moment for us! We are excited for the moment and celebrate the ever-increasing fame of Halmari Assam Tea."

The event will also see Jeanie explaining the value tea adds to a person's life. It will have Jeanie reflecting on the long history of tea and the role of Halmari Assam Tea in it. Along with this, she will also be explaining the role tea has to play in Wellesley.

It is notable that in the graduation speech of Jeanie Goddard in Wellesley High School, Halmari Assam Tea was the highlight of the event. There, Jeanie had offered her guests a tea-tasting experience with Halmari Assam Tea.

That was in 2001. A similar tea-tasting event being hosted after 18 long years points towards the fact that Halmari Assam Tea holds its position.

After this event, Halmari's tea is expected to gain further prominence for its luxurious flavour and taste. It will also help the company expand its reach among global tea consumers.

Furthermore, with this unveiling, the company is also expecting to gain an increase in demand throughout Indian states. This expectation is based on similar effects it received back in 2001. Only that this time, its volume is probably going to be more due to a deep penetration of media in the Indian subcontinent.

Additionally, the company is also planning to take up marketing initiatives, aimed towards a boost to its expected rise in sales. These initiatives will also form a ground for future growth of Halmari, both in terms of revenue generation and recognition.

The spokesperson of Halmari added, "We have been planning for long to initiate steps that would bring us more revenue. This period seems to be just the right opportunity for Halmari to do so."

True to his words, the events along with the company's initiatives are anticipated to aid in Halmari's growth further.

About the Company:

Halmari is an Indian tea company with its head office situated in Kolkata, West Bengal. It sources the garden-fresh leaves from its owned tea estate, spread across 374 hectares in Assam. With 100 years of legacy and a traditional approach to tea processing, Halmari has fast become the top-rated company selling tea leaves and tea bags. Halmari's variety of speciality tea is another highlight gracing the industry.

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Phone: (+91) 33 4062 2225

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