Online Agency Publishes Comprehensive Overview of SEO in 2019

Discover how to rank on Google and what SEO mistakes to avoid in 2019.

Online PR News – 20-February-2019 – Palatine, IL – Online marketing agency Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing Inc. has released what may be the most comprehensive article detailing search engine optimization (SEO) mistakes in 2019.

SEO is a series of best practices that help websites get found by search engines and people. Google controls nearly 91% of all search traffic.

The free article focuses on current and emerging ranking factors that businesses need to understand to maintain SEO in 2019. This summary of major SEO fails can be accessed at "25 Worst SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2019."

With daily Google algorithm changes and 200+ ranking factors, it's not easy to gain and sustain rankings. By accessing the article, readers will have a better sense of what Google expects from websites. The article is important to help companies get found.

"SEO is really about giving prospects and customers a good user experience," said Nancy Burgess, owner of Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing Inc. "The worst SEO mistakes in 2019 occur when companies don't do that."

The marketing agency provides clients with SEO services including website analysis, keyword research, comprehensive SEO training, local SEO strategies, analytics, and SEO implementation. It publishes a monthly blog article. At its online store, it also offers an Easy SEO™ Content Template and an SEO Champions Checklist™ for a nominal fee of $25.

About Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing Inc.: Nancy Burgess Strategic Marketing Inc. is an online marketing agency that helps companies get more website traffic, more leads, and more revenue. Nancy Burgess and her team focus on two core areas: 1) SEO training and services for business owners, bloggers, marketing teams, and web developers; 2) complete modern marketing services for medium and small businesses. The company is as invested in the success of its client businesses as much as they are. It never offers unrealistic or unfounded guarantees, but it does promise high quality work at a great value with optimal outcomes.