EU Updates Candle Sooting Behavior Standard - EN 15426

The European Union published an updated version of it Candle Sooting Behavior standard - EN 15426 - in November 2018.

Online PR News – 15-February-2019 – Geneva, Switzerland – The European Union (EU) standard for sooting behavior in candles - EN 15426 - was updated in November 2018. Superseding EN 15426:2007, EN 15426:2018 provides greater clarity regarding the test method and relevant equipment.

EN 15426 relates to candles that will be burned indoors. It refers to single wick candles with a diameter up to 100 mm, or those with an equivalent cross-sectional area.

Updates in the 2018 version include:
• Improved terms and definitions for:
o Candle - now includes "the main function of sustaining a light-producing flame, including any coatings on and articles or substances in the fuel"
o Tea light - removal of "may be suitable for keeping vessels containing coffee, tea or other liquids warm, by using a warming stove"
• Simplification of the requirement for sooting behavior
• Clearer description of test equipment and apparatus - includes a description of the calibration disk (previously missing)
• Clearer description of the test method - includes improved illustration for setting up the equipment and new illustrated guidance for selecting the wire mesh cylinder
• Modified characteristics of the candles for selecting the soot test cycles. The 2018 version defines the type of candle as:
o Mass below 25 g
o Container candles less than 25 g
o Mass above 25 g and a diameter less than 70 mm
o Container candles above 25 g and a diameter less than 70 mm
o Mass above 25 g and a diameter equal or over 70 mm
• New version also includes Annex B to help calculate hourly fuel consumption

Published in November 2018, all national standards that conflict with EN 15426:2018 must be withdrawn by May 10, 2019.

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