OSENSA Announces Industry's Lowest-Cost Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor for OEM Applications

The FTX-001-OEM single-channel, small-form-factor fiber optic temperature transmitter module is ideal for switchgear and bus bar applications

Online PR News – 13-February-2019 – Burnaby – OSENSA Innovations Corp. ("OSENSA") announces commercial availability of its new FTX-001-OEM fiber optic temperature transmitter for integration into OEM control and condition monitoring systems. Heat generation caused by electrical hot spots is a known predictor of equipment failure, creating both safety concerns and expensive repairs and downtime. The OSENSA FTX-001 fiber optic temperature transmitter measures electrical temperatures on medium-voltage switchgear contacts, circuit breaker disconnects, cable connections and bus bars, alerting the operator before thermal damage occurs.

OSENSA's Fiber optic technology enables transmission and distribution companies to continuously monitor their switchgear temperature, optimizing maintenance schedules and extending equipment lifetime. The legacy approach of infrared scanning requires a service call to check temperatures, which is both unreliable and expensive. Furthermore, there are many contact points that are simply not accessible while the equipment is energized. And unlike infrared thermometers or wireless sensors, the FTX-001 is immune to electromagnetic interference that is prevalent in a high-voltage environment, providing highly accurate and stable measurements over the lifetime of the equipment.

The FTX-001 mounts on a typical PCB with a 5-pin header and talks to a microcontroller over Serial Modbus (or optional SPI). The low-cost and small form-factor of the module allows it to be easily integrated into control and condition monitoring systems such as Programmable Logic Units (PLCs) and Remote Terminal Units (RTUs). Together with OSENSA's PRB-GB3 probes, the fiber optic temperature sensor solution accurately and continuously measures temperature from -40 to +200°C.

About OSENSA (www.osensa.com)
OSENSA Innovations develops and manufactures fiber optic temperature sensor products for industrial applications including power transformers, switchgear, generators, semiconductor, and MRI equipment. OSENSA's technology is transforming the temperature sensor industry by enabling industrial-grade fiber optic solutions that are price-competitive with conventional wired thermocouples and RTDs (resistive thermal devices). Furthermore, OSENSA's fiber optic temperature sensors are more durable and easier to install than competitive optical technologies. OSENSA's fiber optic sensors are immune to electromagnetic radiation and compatible with high-voltage, high-RF (radio frequency), and high-magnetic-field environments, making them ideal for applications where thermocouples and RTDs fail.