Introducing AiroStotle: The Future of Digital Medicine is Here

Collaboration with MetroHealth hospitals of Cleveland, Ohio sees the world's first deployment of novel breath-based NanoSensor technology for Digital Medicine.

Online PR News – 12-February-2019 – Cleveland, Ohio – AiroStotle™ is a digital breath biomarker sensor, developed under nGageIT's Airostotle™ Digital Biomarker program for early-stage detection and monitoring the recurrence of cancer.

In a collaboration with MetroHealth hospitals of Cleveland, Ohio - advocates for teaching and research - clinical trials with their oncology group will map the exhaled breath of participants for digital breath biomarkers for: breast cancer, lung cancer and pancreatic cancer, to enhance development of the Airostotle platform.

Thirty-five million people in the USA are at high risk of developing cancer, so nGageIT's hand-held, Smartphone enabled, breath NanoSensor is a breakthrough mobile device to detect cancer early when it can be cured.

With nGageIT's Airostotle™, MetroHealth researchers can perform breath based analysis to detect early-stage cancer (stage 0 when it can be cured) and recurrence of diseases, using just exhaled breath. Data from the trial will be used to enhance the Airostotle Smartphone breath sensing device.

"The exhaled breath offers a novel frontier in medicine for the development of non-invasive digital biomarkers for cancer that are an easily deployable Smartphone based intervention." says Dr. Jennifer Murdoch, COO and Chief Clinical Officer of nGageIT.

"Deploying AiroStotle™ in precision medicine in oncology environments could potentially improve outcomes for substantial numbers of cancer patients," she explains.

"We believe this cutting-edge breath-based technology may be the cornerstone to meaningfully increasing survivorship, cures, and ultimately public health. We are looking forward to the emerging clinical data, and eager to see the results from prospective clinical and real-world trials as the program progresses."

nGageIT Digital Health is also developing a related breath-based digital medicine platform that detects the medicine you take from your breath to improve medication adherence across a myriad of applications and treatments.

More About the AiroStotle™ Mobile Digital Breath Biomarker

It is well known that in many cases up to 40% of cancerous tumours don't shed their genetic fragments into the bloodstream confounding many genetic blood based modalities (liquid biopsies) and limiting them to later stages of cancer detection.

nGageIT Digital Health's AiroStotle™ has been designed to overcome a variety of challenges that have confounded prior approaches for the detection of early-stage cancers, including inadequate tissue, biological noise, and the limited sensitivity of genomic-only tests.

With a single breath, the device detects digital biomarkers of cancer tumours' breath signatures with high clinical sensitivity and specificity. The digital biomarker is based on nGageIT Digital Health's proprietary market-leading sensor technology.

This enables accurate reporting of known cancer biomarkers from the breath at its earliest stages (stage 0), localizing the tumour to its internal organ site, while effectively filtering out biological noise sources that will typically confound blood based genetic testing.

"The incorporation of biologically relevant breath-based digital biomarker signatures is critical in increasing the sensitivity of the assay to early-stage cancers," says CEO of nGageIT Digital Health, Raj Reddy .

Multiple top-tier academic research networks and biopharma companies can utilize the AiroStotle™ Mobile Digital Breath Biomarker sensor in studies involving adjuvant therapy decision-making, recurrence monitoring, and screening for early-stage cancer.

The clinical version of the test for IUO use in prospective studies is expected to launch early in 2020.

About nGageIT Digital Health

nGageIT Digital Health ( are pioneers in the field of digital medicine encoding and sensor technology. nGageIT Digital Health is committed to making medicine smarter to improve patient engagement, enrich insights and optimize therapeutic outcomes, resulting in lower overall system costs and improved health outcomes for populations.

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