Emerald Brand Officially Announces Creation of the Emerald Sustainability Accreditation Program

Emerald Brand is expanding its expert sustainability team to staff members of Emerald Licensed Dealers by launching the Emerald Sustainability Accreditation.

Online PR News – 18-March-2019 – Syosset, New York – Emerald Brand Officially Announces the Creation of the Emerald Sustainability Accreditation Program (ESA).

Emerald Brand is expanding its expert sustainability team to staff members of Emerald Licensed Dealers by launching the Emerald Sustainability Accreditation Program (ESA).

The program, currently offered by invitation only, gives each member the opportunity to carry the ESA Accreditation. In addition, the program certifies members to represent Emerald to national end-user accounts and to present on Emerald's newest sustainable material technology, provides access to ongoing sustainability education and updates on environmental laws and regulations, and allows participation in research and development of new product concepts.

Graduates of the program will truly have a front row seat on all that is happening at Emerald Brand and beyond," states Founder and CEO Ralph Bianculli, Sr.

The program includes a robust agenda to educate members on the many aspects of Emerald's Tree-Free™ and Plant to Plastic® technology, along with all current and upcoming aspects of sustainability within the workplace. In addition, training will include details on how to conform to a circular disposable economy, obey new and existing environmental laws, implement zero-waste solutions, and all facets of the use of renewable agricultural fibers and plastic-free material innovations in disposables.

The ESA was created due to growing demand from end-users across the country seeking answers to sustainability and how to reduce their carbon footprint in the workplace. The knowledge acquired through this accreditation program will enable licensed dealer's staff to confidently bring sustainability expertise to their client base.

"For years we have not only been creating innovative material technology and building a robust brand around sustainability, but we have prided ourselves as the experts and educators when it comes to sustainability practices as a whole," says Ralph Bianculli, Jr., Managing Director.

"As the environmental movement continues to exponentially grow, we are finding both dealers and end-users alike are yearning for true solution providers and educated experts. Emerald recognized there was a major void in the education process, as well as communicating, measuring and marketing the impacts for client's environmental achievements. The Emerald Sustainability Accreditation fills this void."

Training is perpetual through ongoing education, customer on-sites, and more. This aspect is crucial, as the sustainability movement is ever-improving.

Education has forever been a core part of bringing the Emerald mission, to protect life by mainstreaming sustainability, to fruition. Through the ESA Program, Emerald can expand its educational mission on a much broader scale, and bring much needed sustainability knowledge to corporations and individuals across the globe.

Ralph Bianculli, Sr. notes, "I have always been a huge proponent of educating our partners and clients in how sustainable technology will revolutionize an industry long overdue for change. The Emerald Sustainability Accreditation Program will accelerate that objective."

About Emerald Brand:
Family owned and operated since 1997, Emerald Brand is committed to innovating through Tree-Free™, sustainable and rapidly renewable solutions. Emerald's innovations in Tree-Free™ technology and petroleum free plastics is revolutionizing packaging and disposables worldwide. Emerald's growing suite of 300+ sustainable finished products offers the workplace a healthier and more sustainable environment.
Corporate solutions include educational forums, measurable environmental impact statements, and Emerald Eco-Squad™ consulting services that are at the forefront of future movements in composting and recycling. Emerald Brand, in conjunction with Emerald Ecovations material technology group, will continue to innovate Emerald's growing finished goods and retail packaging materials. The company's mission of "Farm to Tissue®, Made in the USA" is on track to revolutionize the entire industry.