Hodusoft Introduces Latest Release of Omnichannel Contact Center Software

Given that customer experience occupies top position, customer contact center software has mutated & Hodusoft's latest release incorporates trending features.

Online PR News – 08-February-2019 – Ahmedabad – Hodusoft, a division of VoIP technology leaders Ecosmob, introduced the latest release of omnichannel contact center software for contact centers and also for wide-ranging use in larger enterprises.

"Hodusoft team of developers has re-aligned modules, upgraded features and integrated APIs as well as more of artificial intelligence into our latest release of contact center software," said the VP on the occasion. "These modifications and upgrades are in line with the current atmosphere of delivering excellent customer experience at all levels and do it fast. We focused on providing seamless omnichannel integration into a single dashboard to make it easy for agents to track conversations and switch lanes. At the same time, the omnichannel feature with its artificial intelligence feature can keep track of tweets or posts on social media and notify agents even before a customer makes it an issue."

Yet another improvement, he continued, is in WebRTC integration. Video and audio chats and conferences are proving indispensable in the customer experience journey and we make it even better with underlying technical improvements. Video is jitter-free and audio is crystal clear. Importantly, security is tightened up. Ease of use, even for first timers, is improved. We anticipate video chats to be widely used in the time to come, he said. Even better, he said, WebRTC with mobility means contact centers no longer need to invest upfront in specialized IT equipments. Standard computers with headset/mic/webcam and mobile phones are all that one needs. This makes it ideal for startups that get off to a running start by using our latest and most sophisticated software with no upfront capex. It is available in hosted mode as well.

Talking about hosting, he continued that this follows the general trend and hosted contact software frees users from all worries. Hodusoft takes care of upgrades and ongoing maintenance. Users simply use and ramp up or scale down services as may be needed. "We can have our contact center software up and running in less than an hour if needed," he said.

The latest release of Hodusoft Omnichannel Contact Center Software incorporates intelligent IVR as the first line of self service with easy branching off to human contact. We have had the benefit of expertise of our parent company's expertise in AI implementations in this area as well as in the predictive caller, call routing and skill-based mapping, said the VP. AI integration also means that machine learning is integrated and, as time passes, the system performance improves due to learning of behavior of clients and agents.

"We listen to our clients. We research emerging trends. We anticipate the way customer expectations are headed. We aim to make life easier for call centers and agents. Our latest release reflects all these and, being open source based, it is not only better than proprietary solutions from giants in the industry but far more affordable and technically superior," he concluded.

Contact centers looking to implement the latest in customer experience platform and enterprises that wish to incorporate CC solutions are welcome to call Hodusoft on 91 79 48939393, 1-707-708-4638 or initiate a live chat on http://www.hodusoft.com.

Source: https://www.prlog.org/12753106-hodusoft-introduces-latest-release-of-omnichannel-contact-center-software.html