Chumaround launches platform for curating 'off the beaten track' travel experiences
02/06/2019 today launched an innovative new peer-to-peer travel marketplace that connects people visiting new cities with locals ready to show them around.

Online PR News – 06-February-2019 – Anaheim, California – The average sightseeing trip to visit local landmarks can often lack the stimulation that the most discerning and energetic travelers require, whether a bird lover, a surfer, a modern art enthusiast or a dedicated fitness geek. Connecting with someone that lives locally and shares their interests can be a perfect segue into discovering the true character of a place and a connection to its community, while participating in the activities that they find most enjoyable and engaging.

However, gaining access to local community members — especially in places with language, religious, and cultural barriers — can often be challenging. Now, thanks to Chumaround's revolutionary new travel marketplace, users can now match with a host from an extensive list of motivated, engaging, knowledgeable locals, and plan activities based on shared interests and hobbies for their forthcoming trip.

"Chumaround local hosts are not tour guides and there are no memorized scripts," says founder Michael Cruz. "In fact, the Chumaround experience itself is more flexible and impromptu than a typical tour, because it gives visitors the complete freedom to decide where to go and what to see. You can take a turn at any street or walk into any store, market, or cafe that catches your eye, giving you and your host a chance to make spontaneous decisions and enjoy whatever comes your way."

Chumaround can add tremendous value to the journey of any traveler - be it solo travelers, families, couples, business-people, people relocating and even those simply looking to meet like minded peers in nearby cities - by offering the opportunity for a travel experience that is not only uniquely tailored to the individual's interests, but designed to encourage authentic connection, collaboration, and cross-cultural exchange. Travelers using Chumaround can also travel with a clear conscience, knowing that they are making a conscious and deliberate decision to support the local economy.

For locals, there are many benefits of becoming a host: They can earn money in their free time; host from any village, town, city or University; connect with like-minded visitors; and share the places, people and things they enjoy most about their city. The process of becoming a host is exceptionally simple: sign-up is free and takes less than five minutes to do; no previous experience is required; and they determine their own hourly rate in the local currency. What makes Chumaround unique as compared to the other peer-to-peer marketplace platforms is that hosts can choose to be paid when they meet their guests and keep 100% of their earnings.

In preparation for the official launch, Chumaround has recruited thousands of local hosts in the one-hundred largest cities across the United States, Europe, and Asia. With hosts ready to show guests around the likes of New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Orlando, San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego, New Orleans, Nashville, Dallas, Bangkok, Tokyo, Seoul, and Paris, Chumaround is set to redefine what it means to truly discover a new city.