Movie Actress Janine Gateland Takes on Psychological Drama

'Modern American Nightmare' deals with the nightmare of war

Online PR News – 06-February-2019 – Los Angeles – British actress Janine plays a critical role as therapist Dr. Asher in 'Modern American Nightmare'. The movie deals with the effects of war and the consequences it has on those not directly involved.

This is Janine's first role playing a therapist and one she won't forget. Her character is helping Billy who is dealing with depression from the loss of his brother in the Iraq war. Billy is consumed by a demonic presence forcing him to live his greatest nightmare - himself. Dr. Asher has to lead Billy on the right path so he doesn't injure himself or anyone else with his unpredictable behavior.

"I just love playing challenging roles and taking on the role of Dr. Asher was certainly that! She had to deal with Billy's explosive anger issues and calm him down by trying different techniques, but unfortunately nearly putting herself in danger.

With my style of acting I like to take my emotions and everything that has happened throughout my life and use it to make me an effective actor. First, I look at the psyche of the character in the script and see how that particular character negotiates life. Then I recreate real human behavior from my own personal needs and life experiences. This creates a character that is vivid, authentic and living and breathing in the moment. I was able to put all this into my work with Dr. Asher, and it paid off," said Gateland.

'Modern American Nightmare' is doing incredibly well in the festival circuit, receiving awards at Los Angeles Cinfest, Indie Capitol Awards and many more. Now the film is due to go on Amazon Prime so watch this space.