Anna Faktorovich Announces Candidacy for Mayor of Quanah, Texas

Women controlled half of Texas' largest cities in 1990, but by 2018 only a single woman held a statewide position. Quanah is overdue for a woman at the helm.

Online PR News – 04-February-2019 – Quanah – Editorial endorsements from the media are currently needed: please send an email, call or send the preferred info on a good in-person or videoconferencing meeting time if you sympathize with the agenda and might like to offer a few words or write or broadcast in support of the candidacy. Faktorovich is available for all interviews and for writing an opinion piece on any of the relevant issues. Also available to create humorous political cartoons on these topics.

Brief Talking Points
• Does or should gender, ethnicity or race impact voting or candidacy patterns in Texas, especially in the current charged Wall-funding-controversy climate?
• Can comment on current news developments such as released economic statistics, the perils of running as an independent in a bipartisan climate, rural crime (including the opioid crisis), housing crisis, tiny house movement, fiscal responsibility, community and development grant funding, or the marketing of small towns among a gradually city-bound population.

Additional issue statements, a full resume and other materials are available on the Mayoral Campaign Website:
Campaign Ad Video:

The Issues
Forge Local Agrarian Alliances
Your Mayor must actively strive to create new links between agriculture and its related trades and the rest of the community via a farmer's market, direct sales of local produce to supermarkets, and updated local business listings. Faktorovich describes shrinking profit margins for small farmers in her book, Radical Agrarian Economics.

Renew Neighborhoods and Infrastructure
Faktorovich would lead an effort to find new funding sources to address the aging pipes and roads. Faktorovich would search for approaches to repurpose, recycle or safely and cheaply demolish condemned eyesore-houses to uplift the spirits of the neighbors. As Mayor, Faktorovich would apply for all available regional, state and federal grants to help fix the infrastructure, help the community, and improve the local culture scene.

Re-Zone to Welcome the Tiny-House Movement
Invigorating Quanah requires bringing in new people to grow the population and diversify the economy. Faktorovich would champion a re-zoning plan that would officially allow the building of tiny and manufactured houses in the parts of Quanah that are in distress. She submitted these ideas to the Quanah Council for review, but they have never made it into committee.

Organize Quanah's Budget and Operations
Faktorovich has also presented an ignored request to the City Council for a fairer bill payment system with at least a 14-day grace period and an advertised option for direct deposit.

Bring in New Jobs
48.2% of Quanah's labor force is not employed. Bringing in new employers, re-training and other strategies can connect these residents to satisfying careers. As part of this effort, Faktorovich proposed to the Council creating an Enterprise Zone Program, and this rezoning change was made together with a tax abatement to welcome the construction of a plant in Quanah. This new zone and the potential for creating added spaces for disadvantaged businesses should be publicized to the region's media to welcome new enterprises to build in Quanah.

Actively Market Quanah to Tourists
Quanah is rich in history and culture, and there are plenty of tourists searching for an authentic Texan experience like the one offered by its stock shows, rodeos and other attractions. These events could attract tourists, but they are not advertised on any single website available to the general public. Quanah also has the land and meeting locations to serve as a venue for a major arts or cultural festival or conference, but few of these opportunities have materialized.

Doctorate in English Literature and Criticism from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania (GPA: 4.0); dissertation published as a book with McFarland: Rebellion as Genre (2013)
Master's in Comparative Literature from the University of South Carolina
Bachelor in Economics, Eastern European Studies and Political Science from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Born on a farm outside of Moscow, she worked her way through school before teaching college English at UTRGV, MGSC and EUP. She has been running a successful publishing business, Anaphora Literary Press, for a decade (over 270 book titles released, with several featured on NPR, Fox, Publishers Weekly and Library Journal). She is a holder of a Government Services Association Publications Schedule 76 contract.

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All ideas on issues from Quanah's residents will be addressed. All Interns and Volunteers will be welcomed into the campaign. If you prefer to vote in a quieter setting, Early Voting takes place April 22-30. Register to vote by April 4.