Proficonf, HD conferencing solution, enters the market with cutting edge communication protocols

Reported: Proficonf unparalleled connection stability and outstanding beta test performance

Online PR News – 01-February-2019 – 31 January, 2019, Odessa, Ukraine – Proficonf, Headquartered in Ukraine, fast-growing web conferencing platform with representatives in Cyprus, announced the release of their HD video conferencing solution.

Proficonf is a WebRTC-based web conferencing solution, that performs with high definition video connection, can be used in poor Internet, allows for synchronous playback of media files, and more. They have utilized the best of human resources and technology to create their online meeting software.

Since the dawn of the startup's beta testing phase in September 2017, Proficonf has gained the reputation of one of the best SaaS web conferencing providers available today. The service performs with high quality connection, proper usability, security, and reliability.

Alexey Kuznetsov, Founding CEO of Proficonf, says, "Proficonf started out as a solution to a problem. The extreme lack of accessible specialists in a variety of fields prompted us to brainstorm on the subject. Having gone to the heart of the issue, we've come up with an idea to create a platform that would connect experts in real-time. It was the core idea that nurtured the workforce. Proficonf developed from this idea and grew to be what it is right now because of it. What I like about Proficonf is how straightforward and effortless it is: no need for downloads or long instructions, just make a few clicks. That's it."

Proficonf's tech core ( based on Web RTC) simplifies conferencing process every time, no matter the connection quality or the number of participants.

The startup stands out, providing major advantages for web users: consistent connectivity at every point of the conference; first-rate performance with up to 250 participants; high quality transmission even with poor connection.

This was proven by nearly ten thousand users and thousands of events held so far. Users reported solid connection stability and equally exceptional performance, no matter the device.

A web-based conference platform that leverages the essentials of online meeting technology to contribute the best quality to the process.
Proficonf delivers a wide variety of functionality options:
flexible and multifunctional sharing center
synchronous media files playback
cloud recording
up to 250 simultaneous participants
file storage capacity and many more.

Having released this accessible, laconic and fast solution, Proficonf is stepping up their game further. They have announced Proficon webinar extension being in the works.

About Proficonf: Proficonf Ltd. is a Ukrainian-based startup and a managing company for Proficonf. Proficonf team has managed to implement over ten years of cutting-edge software development experience and expertise to develop this robust web conferencing solution.
Source: Proficonf Ltd.