AFPAK Launches Four Types of K Cup Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Machines

AFPAK, one of the well-known K Cup filling & sealing machine manufacturers, has announced the release of their K Cup Coffee Capsule Filling Machines.

Online PR News – 01-February-2019 – Zheijang, China – As the demand for coffee continues to increase, more and more businessmen and coffee roasters are interested in investing and building their own coffee capsule industry. This is the reason why the production of coffee capsule filling sealing machines has grown significantly over the past few years.

This is why AFPAK, a leading manufacturer of coffee packaging machines in China, came up with four different K Cup Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Machines to meet the requirements of various coffee capsule companies.

According to one of their skilled engineers, Jeffree Cao, "Innovation is important to us. We invest in Research and Development to make sure that we are always updated and even ahead of our competitors. Having four different machines for the K Cup coffee capsule is one way of us showing that we can find the best solution for each of our clients."

The first type is the AF-HK1 K Cup Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Machine. This machine is the basic one, which only has one lane and can produce about 30 K cups per minute. It is easy to use and maintain. It is pneumatically driven and can handle various capsule styles that come with an easy size changeover.

The second type is the AF-HK2. It has two lanes and can produce 100 K Cups per minute. The company guarantees sharp accuracy and stability of the machine as it is servo motor-driven, made with high-end materials. The machine can be used both for separated K cups and welded K cups, which is time-saving and cost-efficient,

The third one is the AF-HK4 K Cup Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Machine, which now has four lanes and can produce up to 200 K Cups per minute. Because the company aims for innovation, this machine now can be modified to add particular functions.

The last one is the AF-RK1S K Cup Coffee Capsule Filling Machine. It only has one lane operating and can produce 50 capsules per minute. The machine does not consume too much space and it requires the lowest maintenance. It comes with empty capsule storage and a dropping system, to save the client time and labor. It is ideal for companies who don't require a high demand of supplies each day.

"We do our best to meet different requirements of our clients. We don't only target giant companies who are looking for fast-producing coffee capsule machines, but also small companies, especially those that are only starting with limited resources. This is why we came up with the AF-RK1S. It comes at a reasonable price without compromising the quality and production time," Monica, AFPAK's Sales Manager, said in a statement regarding the AF-RK1S.


AFPAK is a China-based manufacturer of coffee packaging solutions for almost nine years now. With their vast experience, they're able to create and design different coffee capsule packaging machines that will meet various client specifications. They invest in Research and Development to make sure they are updated and observing the latest technology. Their primary goal is to provide their clients with highly functional and durable machines as well as exceptional customer service.

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