Lost your keys? You are gonna wish you heard of KEYZY earlier!

KEYZY keeps a copy of your keys and delivers it to you anywhere in Central London in less than 1h.

Online PR News – 31-January-2019 – London – We have all personally experienced the loss of keys or at least we all know someone who has. The process goes like this: realise keys are lost, fumble through all pockets and bags while stuck outside apartment, call a Locksmith, pray phone doesn't die, wait in conveniently inclement weather for far too long, pay an extortionate fee for the time of a professional locksmith, plus additional charges for actually changing locks and or repairing damage to the original door.

With KEYZY you never have to be in this situation again. 20 Million car and house keys are lost every year and study shows that Britons misplace on average 4 items per month and keys are always on the top of that list.

The service is very straightforward. KEYZY keeps an anonymised copy of your keys (home, car, office) and deliver it to you in Central London in less than an hour and the best part- it is quite affordable and available 24/7. Using the early adopter promo code, KEYZY is only £25 per year or £3 per month.

Keys are stored in a secure location, dispatched in a coded lockbox, and delivered to the address of your choosing. Keys are attached to your membership number, not your name and address which remain unknown. Furthermore, the company doesn't collect any personal data other than your email address when you register. You are fully protected because no one is able to link a key to the address of its owner. Also KEYZY recommends that you request delivery of your keys to a nearby location in order to maintain this anonymity.

KEYZY launched in London earlier this month, is currently preparing for a rollout in NYC, and plans to expand to other cities within the UK and USA in 2019.