Eco-Friendly Last Swab Now Available at 35% Off

Alternative to disposable cotton swabs is here! To lessen the eco problems thru millions of disposed swabs, Last Swab gives you product that will last for years

Online PR News – 26-January-2019 – Copenhagen, Denmark – A team of professionals who are trying to make a difference for the environment has developed an innovative alternative to cotton swabs. Aesthetically and functionally designed, the Last Swab is made up of a stiff compact plastic core with medical silicone on each end and is expected to lessen the growing problem of marine pollution.

What is Last Swab and how it can help reduce ocean trash?

Commonly used cotton swabs are one of the main contributors of plastic in the ocean. This has been a big problem that governments have been facing due to its impact to the environment. As a matter of fact, Scotland and UK government have already announced a ban to single use plastic swaps.

Good thing, Last Swab is an easy-to-clean, sanitary and reusable substitute to those cotton swabs. Its design is comfortable for it has a rubber tip soft enough for the ears while cleaning it thoroughly.

Last Swab can be easily cleaned with soap and water so you will not worry that dirt will not be rubbed off.

Plus, Last Swab comes in several color options so you can choose the one that fits for you. It's also a smart way of organizing the swabs in your home so they won't get mixed up!

Top-Notch Production, Quality Results

Last Swab is carefully designed and manufactured in Copenhagen, Denmark. The production process ensures to come up with high-end products, with great quality and environment-friendly purposes. Last Swab is formed with multi-shot injection molding to be able to combine the silicone and plastic together, thus producing a durable product that will last for years.

Making a Difference, One Swab at a Time

Nicolas Aagaard, CEO at Last Swab, together with Isabel Aagaard and KÃ¥re Frandsen joined forces with one noble goal: to make a difference! They have been through various tests and revisions until they come up with the right look and feel of Last Swab.

Last Swap, according to them will not only provide comfort and convenience to its users. This will also aid the world to lessen the waste dumped on our oceans and grounds. It's time to make people realize that great achievements for our environment are possible with small actions - one swab at a time.


Nicolas Aagaard
CEO at Last Swab
Holte, Capital Region, Denmark
0045 30681256