Moretti & Associates publishes report for Latin American infrastructure

Moretti & Associates today announced the release of its annual report for the future of Latin American infrastructure and investment.

Online PR News – 25-January-2019 – HONG KONG/CENTRAL DISTRICT – Moretti & Associates' publication focuses on critical investment themes requiring coordinated perspectives across sectors, regions and asset classes and analysts recommend two ways to participate in the expected growth of Latin America's infrastructure sector.

Moretti & Associates' Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Harry Fu commented on the findings of the report saying "This report underscores our focus on long-term investment themes that integrate the insights of our economists, equity strategists and equity analysts. This report highlights our commitment to putting clients at the forefront of the most-timely investment debates at Moretti & Associates."

"Highlights from the report also consisted of how strong secular forces will continue to drive emerging economies' growth outperformance relative to developed economies for the foreseeable future, but infrastructure will be the key challenge", added Harry Fu, Chief Financial Officer of Moretti & Associates.

Established in 2009 in Hong Kong, Moretti & Associates was founded by Mr. Antonio Moretti with a desire to gain a foothold in the Asian market. Beginning as a local investment firm offering individuals analysis of market trends and potential opportunities, Moretti & Associates developed innovative and robust wealth-creation strategies, laying the foundation for future success.

After the retirement of our Founder Mr. Antonio Moretti in 2012, the company has continued to strive to be at the forefront of all that we do. Since Mr. Moretti's retirement, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Alistair Healy and Executive Vice President, Mr. Stanley Yeung have applied their considerable experience to our already dedicated team to ensure the legacy left behind by Mr. Moretti lives strong to this very day.

Although initially only able to employ a handful of employees which restricted their ability to service many clients, this allowed Moretti & Associates' founders to cultivate client-centred financial investment plans meticulously specified to their requirements, whilst also delivering a collaborative relationship built on trust and transparency. As the firm went from strength to strength, eventually winning national recognition for identifying prospective market opportunities and, importantly, developing a personalised relationship with clients, demand for Moretti & Associates' services increased.

Moretti & Associates has always taken great pride in providing every client with a professional and personal service in areas such as wealth management and diversification, financial consulting and portfolio building. With dedicated personal advisors highly experienced in market investments, whatever your ambitions, allow us to help you realise your financial potential.