Week Plan introduces the latest layout for the planner module of their task management software.

Week Plan is set to showcase the latest layout for planner module to help you do the right things more effectively rather than just getting things done.

Online PR News – 24-January-2019 – Sydney - NSW – Sydney, NSW, Jan 21, 2019 - Week plan has gone through many improvements to ensure that their task management software can become a perfect option for teams, professionals, entrepreneurs, and managers. These improvements are made by the engineers of Week Plan on the basis of the feedbacks which they receive from their users.

In the latest layout, one of the key features is the ability to split the planner among two different views along with the high impact tasks in the sidebar. Having all the things stuffed on the same page looks quite messy, and sometimes users miss the critical information among too many tabs. It was also a bit difficult previously for the users to drag the tasks from the board to the schedule. But, now they don't need to worry about it because they can drag them straightforwardly with the help of timeline visibility.

The visibility of high impact tasks is another major concern that is successfully resolved because they were lost under the folder in the previous version. Week Plan strongly believes that these tasks are extremely important to get done at the right time otherwise they can affect your productivity. To overcome this issue, Week Plan introduces a separate section called "Plan of the Week" that is on the left side of your planner. Here, you can view all your high impact tasks without scrolling down on the planner.

The board section of Week Plan was designed to keep the backlogged stuff. It allows the user to check the backlog of tasks grouped by roles. With the positive feedback of users regarding this feature, Week Plan includes it in the new version so that they can store the task grouped by role.

These features are introduced to make sure that the users of Week Plan can easily concentrate on their high impact tasks of every week and can manage them in a more effective way than ever before in their life.

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Week Plan is an effective task management software that helps to organize tasks more effectively to get more done at less time. This software allows organizations to arrange their tasks in accordance with the roles, significance, and urgency to make sure that they can make their task management process more efficient. Learn more at weekplan.net. Read further on Week Plan Blog or follow on twitter.

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