Everyday Medical's New Multi-Purpose Post Surgery Abdominal Binder for Men and Women

Everyday Medical's New Multi-Purpose Post Surgery Abdominal Binder for Men and Women

Online PR News – 24-January-2019 – Canoga Park CA – "Everyday Medical," which is known for manufacturing high-quality and innovative orthopedic wellness products, has launched a "Post surgery Abdominal Binder" for both men and women.

This belt can be used for stomach compression after waist and abdomen surgeries, such as Gastric Bypass, Liposuction, C-section, Tummy tuck, etc. The dimension of this binder is 10*7.2*1.4, and it weighs just 4.8 ounces.

Features of Post surgery "Abdominal Binder:"
-It improves the blood flow and oxygen and expedites recovery
-The compression speeds up the healing process
-Reduces discomfort from the healing process of abdominal surgery

The belt is extremely comfortable. It is also made with breathable material, so it can absorb the sweat keeping the skin cool. It also keeps the skin dry and therefore, avoids bacterial infection and complications. This is very important while the surgical incision heals. The binder stays in place while wearing it. The belt doesn't roll or move as the body moves, thanks to the high-quality stitching!

Who can use it?
This product is unisex and versatile. It can be used for a number of abdominal ailments and their symptoms like discomforts arising due to obesity, bladder problems, muscle strain in the abdominal region, post abdominal surgery, and even lower back pain. In addition, it helps in recuperating after surgeries, such as C-section during childbirth and any surgery involving slit.

Some common conditions could be:
Ovarian cystectomy

This binder also helps alleviate the symptoms of an umbilical hernia, which is often a result of obesity or pregnancy.
The binder, due to its "slim fitting design" and "extra-strong Velcro closure" gives a smooth look, and therefore, can be worn under any dress without the fear of it being seen.

How to use the Post Surgery Abdominal Binder?
-Hold the belt behind your body, pull from both the ends
-Fold in the left side and pull it further
-Pull the right side of the binder over the left side
-Secure it with the Velcro at a comfortable level of tightness

General instructions to make sure the binder last long:
-Always handwash the binder with cold water
-Do not wring it or tumble dry
-To prevent staining and infections, clean the girdle regularly

This multi-purpose post-surgery abdominal binder for men and women is now available on Amazon at just $27.98. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07L9J9QTN