Kasten Partners of Hong Kong to expand Commodities Trading

Kasten Partners today announced that they will be significantly investing in commodities for the foreseeable future.

Online PR News – 23-January-2019 – HONG KONG/WAN CHAI – Kasten Partners have established a special commodities group which will manage the day to day operations of the department. The financial derivatives and precious metals businesses will be integrated into Kasten Partners' Fixed Income and Currencies platform to take advantage of existing synergies available at Kasten Partners.

Kasten Partners' Chief Investment Officer, Mr. Alexander Harris commented on the new business strategy saying "This decision will result in Kasten Partners dedicating more trading desks for energy, agriculture, base metals and dry bulk."

"As part of this years' strategy and beyond, we are actively managing and reviewing our business portfolio. The decision to refocus our commodities business is based on our identification of more attractive ways to deploy our capital and resources", added Alexander Harris, Chief Investment Officer of Kasten Partners.

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Kasten Partners' experienced advisors offer a great deal of extensive expertise in asset management and a wealth of experience in product selection and with a vast array of strategies across all asset classes. Our knowledge of investment solutions includes passive, active and alternative asset management expertise.

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