Did They Cheat Enterprises Inc. Announces DTC v2.0

DTC v2.0 the worlds first self detective agency offers the latest tools on the internet to catch a cheating spouse or partner. v2.0 is the latest evolution.

Online PR News – 23-January-2019 – Toronto, Ontario – Did They Cheat Enterprises Inc. (DTC), the worlds first self detective agency, is the leader in web based investigative tools that level the playing field when dealing with a cheating wife or husband.

Now, everyday people can actively search and find out if they have a wandering partner. Quick and easy access to essential information and features enable users to search hundreds of unique and identifiable variables, traits, habits, occupations etc. The website has a comprehensive gallery of infidelity suspects and hundreds of new users daily.

Our turnkey solution compliments todays increasing rate of indiscretions. You no longer need to be a victim of infidelity in this modern internet age

DTC v2. continues the company's original mission to provide the world's best catch a cheater web app for mobile devices and phones.

"We are excited about our new v2.0 DTC launch and the robust information it provides for customers, investors, partners and media to better understand the DTC Platform, and its best-in-class cheater detection technology," said Robert Drelini, the company's founder. "We believe that new site will allow our visitors to have an even more informative experience as we continue to deliver custom tailored results in their specific local area." we are especially proud that unlike other tracking software, sms/truthfinders or softwares that must be installed on the alleged cheating spouses* device, ours does not, which is huge when it comes to peace of mind and serious legal issues arising from the use of spy tracking softwares."
*Spouses" is interchangeable with husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, lover, significant other etc.

"Did They Cheat's solution is able to deliver unmatched infidelity detection while maintaining anonymity. Our turnkey solution compliments today's increasing rate of indiscretions," added Mr. Drelini. "You no longer need to be a victim of infidelity in this modern internet age".

DTC's new website is monitored & updated 24/7 with tips and helpful guides to help you find out if you have become victim to a cheating partner. Visitors are encouraged to explore the website, read our blog articles, and sign up for direct emails from the company on its registration page to combat or contribute to the growing DTC network. Also in compliance with GDPR privacy for personal data when a person deletes their account using the self service profile menu, all personal data including any alleged cheater uploads during the "adultery" research dossier process, is permanently deleted from the database.

About Did They Cheat Enterprises Inc.

Did They Cheat Inc.'s business is to level the playing field by allowing the everyday person who may be a victim to infidelity to search and find out if other people have reported their cheating partner. All the evidence is available on the internet it just needs to be properly 'sussed' or 'detected'. Find out if your partner has cheated on you!

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