Innovative HR tech startup launches JobzMall 2.0, new career platform, for evolving workforce

Following successful beta testing, disruptive career platform connects millennial and generation Z job seekers with companies.

Online PR News – 17-January-2019 – Irvine, CA – JobzMall, the virtual shopping mall connecting job seekers and organizations, launched a first-of-its-kind career community this month, bridging the gap between younger job seekers and hiring organizations.

The company launched its public beta version last year in Southern California and has continually added new features. The uniquely visual platform attracted more than 100,000 active job seekers and 500 organizations, ranging from Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft to local nonprofits such as The Salvation Army Orange County. The platform additionally partnered with 25 universities, including the University of Southern California and the University of California, Irvine.

"We've been looking forward to this launch for a very long time," said Nathan Candaner, JobzMall CEO. "We listened closely to our pioneers and built a real-life platform based on actual experiences. I believe very few HR solutions tackle that and instead offer theoretical options."

From the ground up, JobzMall's prime mission has been to make job hunting enjoyable, efficient and accessible to everyone. As 2019 unfolds, the World Economic Forum forecasts that this year, Generation Z will outnumber millennials.

"We live in an age of a rapidly shifting workforce, yet four generations are working together for the first time in modern history. We need to understand each generation's needs better," said Pembe Candaner, the human resources veteran who serves as president of JobzMall.

One of the biggest problems that employers face today is finding engaged and well-informed candidates - an issue that JobzMall is tackling through its innovative and educational platform.

"JobzMall 2.0 is a killer educational tool. Using our platform, a job seeker today can learn about any industry quickly, and efficiently, and even discover career fields not previously considered," said Nathan Candaner. "Our goal is to educate job seekers by increasing engagement and expanding their knowledge. This is complicated because everyone is unique, as there is no one-size-fits-all."

Built as a virtual shopping mall, the JobzMall 2.0 website displays six virtual buildings occupied by hiring organizations categorized by type: Companies, Startups, Nonprofits, Government, Education and Staffing. Each building houses virtual "floors" segmented by industry. Each floor offers an educational video unique to that industry, relevant industry trends and fun facts. This design enables job seekers to be more knowledgeable about any given industry, as well as about the company their application targets. Additionally, job seekers can submit applications through Video Cover Letters, significantly increasing their chances of getting seen. More than 90 percent of video applications processed by JobzMall are viewed, far more than regular applications.

"We believe in the mantra 'Think global, act local, and be human.' Our beta was very much geared toward Southern California. JobzMall 2.0 will go nationwide and global," said Pembe Candaner. Previously, she was at the helm of Adecco Turkey - the world's largest staffing firm - and, Turkey's leading job site. JobzMall also is part of the prestigious Swiss-based organization Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN), advocating apprenticeship programs for youth employment alongside giants such as 1Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, IBM, Nestle, and others.

About JobzMall: JobzMall is the new medium for the new workforce. Headquartered in Irvine, Calif., JobzMall is committed to empowering job seekers and employers and making job finding enjoyable, engaging and accessible to everyone. Find more information at

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