CedCommerce mercado libre Add-on Live Now on PrestaShop Marketplace

CedCommerce launches mercado libre PrestaShop integration add-on to help the sellers to easily sell products on mercado libre marketplace.

Online PR News – 15-January-2019 – Portland, Oregon – CedCommerce has now launched the CedCommerce mercado libre Add-on with a perspective to help the sellers to grow in the e-commerce industry.

In a conversation with Mr. Abhishek Jaiswal and Mr.Himanshu Rauthan, the co-founders of the company, the purpose of the add-on that is -

"Increasing the visibility of the products on mercado libre Marketplace", came to the surface.

They modestly stated that -

"The key aim of CedCommerce associated with the introduction of the CedCommerce mercado libre Add-on is to enable sellers with PrestaShop framework to list the products easily, effectively manage the inventory and customize the product prices seamlessly."

Key Features of the Add-on:

1) Hassle-free Product Listing and Upload: The app is helpful in listing products at mercado libre marketplace as it allows you to upload your products in a bulk.

2) Effective Price Management: The add-on not only enables the sellers to set the individual prices for a product but also allows to set prices for a bulk of products belonging to a particular category.

3) Efficient Order Management: The mercado libre PrestaShop add-on helps to manage orders in a way that enhances the customer experience and eventually helps in fetching a better conversion rate.

4) Customized Product Title and Product Description: The add-on comes with the feature to fill in the optimized product title and description for each of the products to enhance the product visibility.

5) Printed Order Labels for mercado libre Orders: mercado libre Also provides a shipping label for Orders, So with the module, you can print that you do not need to go to mercado libre panel and print that. Thus, a huge amount of time is saved which can be channelized to convert better.

Product Availability, Version & Compatibility:

1) You can avail the CedCommerce mercado libre Add-on from the PrestaShop Marketplace.
Link- http://bit.ly/2QL7Wn9

2) To guide yourself better, refer to the CedCommerce mercado libre Add-on user guide.
Link- http://bit.ly/2RKSJqU

3) Available Version of the Add-on- 1.0.0 (08/27/2018)

4) The CedCommerce mercado libre Add-on is compatible with the following versions of the PrestaShop frameworks- v1.6.1 - v1.7.4.4

Easy steps for the installation of the addon:

Download the package from PrestaShop Add-ons

1) GOTO "modules and services" tab

2) Click on "Add a new module" Button at right corner

3) Select the Downloaded module file

4) Click on upload this module button

After this, you will Get the Success message module uploaded successfully and you can configure this module.

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