National Association of Minority Political Consultants to Increase 2020 Minority Representation

The NAMPC is a new political organization with strong political ties. Its nonpartisan mission is to increase understanding that minority is more than race.

Online PR News – 11-January-2019 – Annapolis, MD – The National Association of Minority Political Consultants (NAMPC) is a new political organization with strong political ties throughout the nation. Its nonpartisan mission is two-fold, "…help elect political leaders who are truly committed to fighting for the under-served and over-looked voter; and equip candidates with seasoned consultants who represent minority groups and marginalized persons," said Dr. Reneé Carr, Senior Advisor to the NAMPC.

"Minority is more than race or gender. It is also having only a minor influence. The NAMPC is committed to harnessing its political power against the systemic oppression of persons not represented by the majority of those in elected office," said Dr. Carr.

The NAMPC will increase the number of 2020 political campaigns that include minority representation in their staff. Traditionally, minority political consultants are excluded from political contracts, opportunities, and campaign work. Through NAMPC, consultants who are otherwise unconnected or not invited to these tables can now be introduced and advocated for when candidates are selecting their teams.

To increase the electoral success of candidates, NAMPC only connects campaigns with vetted consultants. The screening process includes an interview, portfolio and social media review, a psychological personality test, plus two other proprietary screening methods.

Cindy Hooper, Vice President of the NAMPC Board, stated, "When a candidate or politician does not have minority representation on their team, they will only have a narrow and limited view of what affects voters who are different from them. Ultimately, this means those politicians won't fight for policies that can improve the lives of these groups. When the NAMPC connects campaigns and consultants, it's to give candidates the long-term winning advantage of personal insight and connections that you can't get from a poll or a non-minority consultant's opinion."

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