Asteriskservice Announce IVR System for Hospitality Industry

Prompt and satisfactory responses are of prime importance in the hospitality industry and Asteriskservice Hotel IVR System is the perfect solution.

Online PR News – 08-January-2019 – TEXAS –

Asterisk Service, a division of global VoIP leaders Ecosmob, announced launch of a revamped IVR system for hospitality industry.

The latest iteration of Asterisk Service hotel IVR system has refinements and dynamic features that result in better caller satisfaction. The customer experience has been kept in the forefront while developing this hospitality IVR system, said the company's VP on the occasion.

Unlike other business segments that need narrow range of functions, hospitality is different. Keeping this in mind the hotel IVR has well defined dynamic tree-branch menu structure with a shortcut to a live agent at each stage. From offering information to making payments, this hospitality IVR includes every feature that the industry could hope for in a dynamic and configurable package. Each hotel IVR system user can define parameters at each stage keeping in mind specific nature of their business and clientele needs. The IVR is multi-lingual as well since hospitality is global in nature.

Asterisk Service IVR for hotels covers the entire gamut of services that customers expect. From primary information about hotels, locations, rooms, amenities and tariffs to more detailed inquiries about booking processes and making payments or asking for cancellation. In fact, the IVR solution has a measure of artificial intelligence in that it detects language of caller and prompts are activated in the same language. The caller's location is identified and he is given options of hotels in location as well as tariffs in that currency.

Apart from these external services, Asterisk Service IVR solution for hotels can be used internally to serve guests. Guests can use the IVR as a wake up alarm facility. They can know their booking status and initiate the final billing process. Hotel management can use the IVR to remind staff, remind guests about departure and about payments or offer additional services. Guests who are due to check in may receive reminders and driving instructions.

Asterisk Service IVR ties to the back end CRM. This means records of an existing customer are automatically called up whenever he dials and he receives a personalized service. New customers are added to the database on an ongoing basis, thereby avoiding the need for manual entry.

Asterisk IVR, said the VP, is quite affordably priced while being full featured with smart features for current and future needs. Users can access call recordings and generate reports and even customize menus and messages the way they want to create a better brand image. "We are fully confident that inclusion of our Hotel IVR in any hospitality industry's operation will translate to customer satisfaction, loyalty and growth."

Hotels with branches in multiple locations will find the multi-tenancy feature immensely useful to maintain autonomy but with central monitoring and control. They may even include home stay and airbnb type arrangements.

Interested hotels may get in touch with Asterisk Service via chat on or by phone on +91 79 40054019 or +1-303-997-3139.