Grand Opening of InterContinental Music Awards

InterContinental Music Awards is accepting submissions till March 2019 from all over the world.

Online PR News – 08-January-2019 – California, Los Angeles –

Songwriters, musicians, if you are looking for the right place to showcase and demonstrate your skills, look no further. InterContinental Music Awards is a competition based out of Los Angeles, that is accepting submissions till March 2019 from all over the world.

Shahed Mohseni Zonoozi, the founder of InterContinental Music Awards leverages his 7 years of successfully leading large scale concerts and amazing productions involving many international artists from 45 nationalities at InterContinental Concerts Organization and launches a new type of competition to bring forward the idea of music without borders, music that unites all continents. The awards focuses on evaluating music beyond billboard standards from a global and ethnical perspective by a panel of professionally trained judges, reward the winners with education and prizes and offer them a stage to perform their songs in front of a large audience. 

The process of submission is very straightforward. Songwriters are invited to choose a continent (based on their own nationality, ethnicity, residency or cultural flavor) and then a music categoric or genres. InterContinental Music Awards has incorporated additional categories (Genge, Kalindula, Kizumba, Wanga, Tarab, Bunggul etc.) that expanded the regular ones (pop, electro, rock, jazz etc.), in order to account for the cultural variety in music differentiation across continents. Music can be uploaded either manually or through an online link. Once the originals are submitted, the songs are sent to judges for review based on the continent and category chosen. 

The judges for the awards have a very diverse background in global music, they either worked for internationally reputed record labels or international songwriting competitions like Eurovision or performed and collaborated in a global setting. Some even worked for very big names like Ace of Base, Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, Jason Mraz, Keith Urban, some conducted and performed in classical settings while other revolutionized the music scene through contemporary electronic productions and clever songwriting in all genres. The judging panel has the responsibility to select the winners for each category and ultimately decide the best of each continent or region. 

The thing that sets InterContinental Music Awards apart from other competitions is that the winners will receive, among other benefits, the opportunity to perform live in person or if can't be able to be physically in LA, through LED screen which are professionally produced and recorded in real time.

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