A Game for Casual to Midcore PVP Lovers - Endless Battle is now available

Netgragon's First Open MOBA Micro-Client Game-"Endless Battle" the long awaited from the first announcement can be downloaded from STEAM.

Online PR News – 07-January-2019 – HongKong, China –

"Endless Battle" belongs to the Infinite Battlefield Heroes Evolved Series which is more than 400,000 people online at the same time. The game is built with the company's self-developed S3 engine and combines the refreshing action competition with the next-generation mainstream art style. Card-type skill combination, high-freedom gear system, innovative and flexible game framework making the game full of refreshing competition and exciting battles.

Making the MOBA Player enjoy the fun of the MOBA game

The game not only features classical Arena PK mode, but added strategy gameplay: grab resources and occupy points. Also it has 2 action operation modes to meet different gamers' need: mouse operation mode for MOBA player and keyboard operation mode for MMORPG player, as well as various gameplay modes, from 10V10 large parties to 3v3 for small rounds among friends.

The starting line up of heroes is very impressive with 5 heroes available, be it marksman, assassins, knight, warrior, sorcerer or priest. One class has multiple directions and infinite variations. A single class can combine dozens of unique gameplay skills. Players can look forward to the list of heroes being continuously extended

On the community side, Endless Battle makes sure to deliver a true MOBA-experience. Players will be able to match up in real-time with gamers from all around the globe and each mode is adopted Multi-map random mode which give players different experiences in the battle

The best part however: Endless Battle is all about a gamers' skill. The developers aimed to create a MOBA in which the prowess on the battlefield will decide the outcome of a game, instead of the time that used for developing the gear.

Endless Battle is now available on the STEAM!