New Cellular Lightweight Concrete Panel and Equipment Pad Molds Introduced

Greentec Construction Technologies, LLC has introduced a new single sided concrete panel mold and a line of precast equipment pad molds

Online PR News – 07-January-2019 – Katy, Texas – Greentec Construction Technologies, LLC, located near Houston, Texas, has announced the launch of two new products: the SupaPanel™ 1Sider™ single sided concrete panel mold and the SupaPad™ line of equipment pad molds.

The 1Sider™ is a one piece polyurethane rubber mold used in casting a concrete panel with texture on one side only. The molds are specially designed to have a hardness suitable for both conventional dense concrete and cellular lightweight concrete (CLC). CLC is formed by combining compressed air with a liquid foaming agent, a foam is produced which is mixed with regular sand and cement concrete leaving numerous tiny discrete air pockets within the material.

The 1Sider™ will initially be available in only two textures: Plain and Ashlar. The cast panels are 6' (183 cm) long by 1' tall (30 cm) and 2" (5 cm) thick for the Plain and 2.75" (7 cm) thick for the Ashlar. These molds can be used in conjunction with Greentec's SupaPost™ post molds and its SupaCoping™ coping molds to produce components for the SupaFence™ panel and post style precast fencing.

The aerated CLC cast SupaPanel™ looks similar to other panels on the market but with one significant physical difference - it weighs only about half as much. This difference is an important one for installers. Now, these fences can easily be installed with the effort of only two people. Cranes and forklifts are not required. The installation process is also similar to existing panel and post systems. The posts are set into a deep foundation in the soil and the panels simply inserted into the post slots. The unique manufacturing process and the reduced material usage can also translate into lower prices for consumers. Being lightweight also means lower freight costs and larger quantities per truckload. SupaFence™ concrete fencing generates little jobsite waste and is considered a green building product. Concrete fencing is long lasting and rot and termite resistant. Applications include privacy fencing, screening walls, security fencing, and sound barriers. Fences can be installed around parks, schools, homes, subdivisions, busy thoroughfares and commercial properties.

"Our SupaPanel™ 1Sider™ molds last longer than competing molds and the concrete panels fit and look better thanks to the tongue and groove system" says Merle Thompson, a Greentec principal.

SupaPad™ equipment pad molds are also now being offered. Standard pad sizes range from 24" (61 cm) to 40" (102 cm) with thicknesses of 2" (5 cm) to 2.5" (6.4 cm). Molds form a pad top surface that is either smooth or pebble textured. A special emergency (backup) generator pad mold is also being offered that is 54" (137 cm) long by 31" (79 cm) wide by 3.4" (8.6 cm) thick and features rounded corners and a smooth top. All pad molds are made of strong durable ABS. The sides are tapered and feature a lip around the edge. The molds are meant to be framed by wood or metal prior to use. The framing helps to maintain the shape and makes it easier for the user to simply flip the mold over the next day to reveal the precast pad.

The molds are intended to be filled with CLC to create lightweight equipment pads. CLC has the general appearance of regular concrete but is much lighter in density. Equipment pads are designed to support outdoor equipment. They keep equipment from sliding, transfer weight evenly to the soil or gravel below and prevent standing water from forming below equipment.

Applications for precast equipment pads include the following:

- Air conditioner compressor and condensing units
- Generators
- Gas bottles
- Hot water heaters
- Pool equipment
- Pump and filter equipment
- Uninterruptable power supply units

Custom pad mold sizes and textures can also be produced

The benefits of CLC precast pads include the following:

- Pads as much as 75% lighter than conventional concrete pads resulting in easier handling and lower transportation costs
- Faster, easier and cheaper to install than a poured in place concrete pad
- Provides an even mounting surface
- Cellular concrete surfaces are hard and durable
- High fiber content in cellular concrete allows pad to flex a little resisting cracking or breaking
- Pad material resists vibration and reduces noise generation
- Strong pad offering excellent strength to weight ratios
- Resistant to UV radiation, weathering and high ambient temperatures
- Aerated concrete has superior freeze thaw resistance
- Resistant to attack by termites
- Will not harbor insects and vermin
- Can be resistant to weed wacker damage
- Drills easily and bolts readily
- Resistant to chemical attack and fire
- Lightweight pads are less likely to sink into the soil over time
- Textured top surface helps keep equipment from sliding
- Height keeps equipment above any standing water reducing the possibility of rusting and equipment failure
- Typically meets municipal code requirements

Greentec Construction Technologies, LLC provides solutions for CLC manufacturers worldwide. The company's products include molds for the SupaBlok™ dry stacked, interlocking building block, SupaPost™ precast post, SupaCoping™ concrete coping, SupaPanel™ MaxiFlex™ "plug and play" panel system as well as the SupaGen™ foam generators and SupaFoam™ foaming agent.

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