Slick Mick a 23-year-old rapper drops his new single Jingle Bells #remix.

Online PR News – 01-January-2019 – Sydney/Australia – SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - Slick Mick a 23-year-old rapper drops his new single Jingle Bells #remix. This becomes a complete shock to his fans as he announces his struggle with regaining his memory. The Sydney native emcee looks to tease fans with his unique holiday anthem baiting the ears of music listeners globally. Slick has recently stepped back into the music scene with a drive that's extremely impressive considering a recent catatonic state. Recovering from a near-fatal car accident in 2016 music has been his therapeutic cornerstone.

During late 2016 in Thailand, Slick Mick found himself in near fatal situation. The now known Australian rapper had been struck by an oncoming vehicle. Through the difficulty of this tragedy Slick had been able to recover, but not without substantial loss. "I went to sleep for a few years then woke up with a dented head, new tattoos and a girlfriend" Slick recounts his gaining consciousness. During his time with medical care, doctors had found severe bleeding in his brain. It was only with preservation to survive, Slick regained consciousness and harnessed the ability to create music.

With a promising career in music, Slick recants on doctors telling him his condition and where he would end up struggling. - "My memories fucked! it's so hard for me to remember stuff."- Slick explains out of pure frustration. An artist with an ambition for his music to be heard, overcoming what could be a life-long battle; Post Traumatic Amnesia. This causes him to forget months at a time, leaving patches of lost memories to his life. The only memories that are instilled are the ones created as he is moving forward. Slick Mick lets his followers know he is not trippen and he will allow this to build out his story. With a core following on YouTube and Soundcloud, he uses his platform to explain his trauma and share his music. Currently, Slick has the attention of hardcore advocates over 10k strong; which includes listeners, followers, supporters and dreamers of his work and lifestyle.

It's a one-way trip and this artist is not letting anything stop his goal. Get on or move out the way. Slick has an aim and a drive; his city will be known in the halls of Hip Hop. He is coming with more than 300 strong, the force of a Spartan and a story that will ride in like a chariot.