Awards 6 New Scholarships for 2019 Kenyan High School Students

MCIEP's goal is to help kids that would never be able to attend high school but have excellent math and science scores with a B average.

Online PR News – 01-January-2019 – Orange County, CA – Outside of the US, going to high school is often a privilege and not an assumed part of a child's life. In Kenya, grades 9-12 require a tuition that many poor families cannot afford. Parents often can only afford to send one child and often chose the oldest male in the family to attend school.

Orphans have almost no chance of ever graduating from high school, much less a chance at University.

Muli Children's International Education Program seeks out these needy kids who have proven themselves with excellent marks in math and science during their primary education, raises funds through private donations, and awards scholarships by directly paying tuition to the child's school until graduation from the 12th grade.

MCIEP, an all-volunteer non-profit organization, determines each year how many new students can be added to their MuliKid support roster. For the 2019 school year, MCIEP will be awarding 6 new scholarships.

These six children meet MCIEP scholarship requirements which include having a KCPE score above 325 and a minimum B grade for math and science, good discipline, a minimum of two school and community recommendations, and have a demonstrated need for tuition support.

The students are overjoyed when they are awarded, understanding importance of an opportunity they may not otherwise have had. One MuliKid, Eunice, wrote to MCIEP, "... I would like to thank you most sincerely for your continued support toward my Form One education at Kerugoya Girls High School." Another student, Damaris, (who is graduating in 2019) said, "I now take this golden opportunity to thank you all for the assistance you gave me for if it were not for you I could be another girl rather than who I am now."

All student fees are paid directly to the school. Grades are collected and reviewed at the end of each term to ensure scholarship renewal status. "Our goal is not to just put kids through high school, but to find and give future leaders of a community or country a chance to become who they have proven to be through above average work in primary school. This benefits not just the country the child is in but the world" said co-founder Tim Muli.

When reflecting on the past 8 years, Liza Kennard, an MCIEP director and interim education lead stated, "I can't believe 8 years ago when we started we were just trying to help out 10 kids, now 25 kids later, we have 3 kids in University, 2 more going in May, awarded 6 new scholarships for some very happy 9th graders this week, and we will be renewing 7 scholarships for 2019 including 4 seniors."

MCIEP continues its work through private donations. If you would like to become involved or donate, please visit for more information.