Essential 7 Tips for a Profitable AdWords Campaign Optimization by Media Challengers

Google AdWords is at the side of advertisers to help them succeed in effective campaigns with a good ROI.

Online PR News – 23-December-2018 – Las Vegas, Nevada – To succeed on Google AdWords, you do not have to spend a lot of money. A good AdWords campaign is not a campaign where you spend a lot, but it is a campaign where you spend well! For this, the Google AdWords expert must work on the setting and the quality of the ad to boost the ROI, the return on investment, of your campaign. Being a professional Google AdWords manager, we'll give you the appropriate tips to succeed in your AdWords campaign.

1. Have a clear goal

How do you know the route if you do not know the destination? It's difficult, isn't it? To do a Google AdWords campaign, it's a little bit the same. You must have a clear and relevant goal concerning your business to achieve a good campaign.
There are three types of goals on AdWords:
- Develop brand awareness: launch a product, a new brand; arrival in a region or development of the presence; presentation of a product/service. CPM campaign to maximise visibility.

- Raise interest: raise awareness among users about a product or service; invite users to discover a product, a brand or a store. Campaign that targets commitment.

- Incite action: sale of product or service; conversion search - download, contact, quote. Campaign to conversion.
By choosing one objective over another, certain features will be recommended to match your expectations. Everything remains the same: even performance monitoring - KPI (Key Performance Indicators), same reports and even control on your part.

2. Target your ads with keyword matching options
Google AdWords allows you to control the delivery of your ad better. Three levels of matching exist: broad match (a larger audience is targeted), variations close to a keyword, or exact match. Properly managing and following the settings will improve your SEA.

3. Think about mobile users

By targeting device types, you can take advantage of different types of browsers and devices to optimize your AdWords campaign. A particular message and call to actions, incentives specific to mobile (smartphone and tablet), and your click rate will be higher: the message seems more relevant to users. An announcement dedicated to mobile users is a good start to increase the chances of a conversion and therefore a better ROI, you need to prepare a mobile-friendly or responsive Page Landing Page.

4. Do not lie about your offer

Some advertisers sometimes have a very bad idea of over-embellishing their products or services or even lying about the offer. An AdWords ad must perfectly describe the Landing Page. If you deceive the users, they will quickly make out of your website disappointed: a bad image of your business and unnecessary expenses in AdWords. Embed your keywords in the landing page text.

5. Define negative keywords

Negative keywords do not appear in similar ads that you do not want: as soon as a negative keyword appears in a query, your ad will not be visible. Adjusting the degree of exclusion is possible.

There are three benefits to this method: lower costs (unnecessary impressions and visits), higher clickthrough rate (CTR), and better conversion rate (more qualified traffic).

6. Delete ads

It's not easy to remove Google AdWords ads you've created with the hope of seeing them succeed. Still, removing ads may be the best way to succeed in your campaign. By concentrating your budget on high performing ads, your ROI will improve naturally. Every week or more often, you'll be able to correct mistakes for a campaign that is improving.

7. Make Use AdWords remarketing

Google AdWords is at the side of advertisers to help them succeed in effective campaigns with a good ROI. For this, you can take advantage of the Remarketing feature to target users who have already had contact with your product or brand as a user who has visited your website or application.

There are hundreds of tips, options, and tricks to help you set up your AdWords campaign. If the above 7 tips can be used for your communication campaign and the purchase of Google advertising space, Media Challengers (Google AdWords freelancer) work is always beneficial for: minimizing your lead acquisition and customer recruitment cost.

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