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Payroll services the Philippines strive hard to make sure that the growth of the company.

Online PR News – 21-December-2018 – Mandaluyong – The rise of the IT industry is enormous in the last five to ten years. Along with that, particularly in the Philippines the rise of the IT-BPO is on a roll along with the other multinational IT companies. The company is witnessing the growth of their staff leasing services, including the recruitment of Web developers, Copywriters, Webmasters, SEO specialists, Data encoder, Programmers, Virtual Assistants, and Contact center agents. For more details:

According to HR outsourcing Philippines, staff leasing or staff augmentation is considered a tension free hiring solutions for foreign and local companies doing business in the Philippines. Moreover, the costs and payroll related to Human Resources are also eliminated. Administrative responsibilities are minimized by staff leasing or staff augmentation.

It also enables small and medium-sized companies to expand their business operations to different client markets. From the arrangements, larger companies are also benefited, which offers cost-effective human resource management, employee payroll, risk management assistance, training, and development.

The IT and Operational Head of staff leasing company, Michael McCullough stated that Staff leasing saves the company's time, money, and effort. As mentioned earlier it eliminates HR costs, and reduces insurance liabilities for the company and reduces tax. The tedious hiring process is also negated by staff leasing and enables the company to focus on more important aspects of the business enterprise.

The number of staff leasing and outsourcing companies in the Philippines is increasing at a rapid rate. More and more local and foreign companies are now availing of staff leasing services in the country. This scenario is happening because the Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world, and boasts an excellent, English literate workforce.

Talking about the literacy rate, the Philippines has 93 percent of the literacy rate which is highest in Asia. The Philippines topped the job knowledge index-beating out over 47 countries and was praised for the information processing skills of its workforce, as per Meta Group's Global Economy Index.

The staff augmentation is a simple and hassle free process and it is quite similar to HR recruitment and headhunting. There is one slight difference though, even after the hiring process has been completed, employees are evaluated by the staff leasing company. They are continually managed to suit the company's needs. Payroll services the Philippines strive hard to make sure that the growth of the company is always upward. The leasing company also eliminates tax and insurance concerns for the enterprise.

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