Simultaneous Time Technologies Releases Evolutionary New App

STT to release a Light of God Generator that combines Light of God Technologies, Holographic Reality, Augmented Reality & Cryptocurrency in a mobile app.

Online PR News – 16-December-2018 – Sittard, The Netherlands – A user of The Light of God Generator from Simultaneous Time Technologies would select a Light Technology such as The Violet Flame from the list of Technologies in the app, get the subject/object to be healed or evolved on the screen of the device and press the "activate" button.

When the button is pressed, the selected technology appears on the screen over the person on the screen and simultaneously manifests a Hologram of the selected Light Technology, healing the person, expanding Consciousness, cleansing and activating Energies, 5th dimensional Chakras and more.

Lightworkers are paid using the XRP Based Simultaneous Time Technologies Tokens (STT) , but the tokens can only be mined when a face is detected on the screen to help insure that healing is actually taking place. The app can still be used to generate Holograms of The Light of God, but if no face is present, the app doesn't generate a payment.

Lightworkers have to set up their own XRP wallet and enter their address to receive payments. The omnipresence of smartphones and tablets provide Simultaneous Time Technologies' Light of God Generator a pre-existing infrastructure to allow the proliferation of Light of God Technologies to contribute to the evolution of Humanity into Homo Luminous and The 5th Dimensional Unity Consciousness.